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About Websites

If you want to know about websites, then you first need to understand the Internet. The Internet is like a library of different types of books. These books are called Websites, there are millions of websites are present on the Internet.

You can find different types of websites for different purposes like Information Websites, Entertainment Websites, Business Websites, Education Websites, etc. This library is available free of cost for 24*7, 365 days, and all-time open for everyone. You can access it any time anywhere and for any purpose.

Whether you are feeling low and want some motivation, you will just find out the right choice on the internet, or whether you want to research on any specific topic, you will find almost every single topic of your interest here, that’s the best thing about the website.

What is Website?

Technically, we define websites as ‘Website is the collection of publicly accessible, and interlined pages known as webpages that share a single domain name’. These webpages are interlinked with each other using the hyperlinks or simply the links. When we click on these links, we are directed to a new webpage every time.

Websites are designed to Work, Educate, Build, Social Infrastructure. To Envelop your Skills in one place. We search for the books throughout this vast library with a single click and hence it directs us to that part of the library where these books are found.

The websites are just like different books arranged on shelves on our search engine results page. We just need to select the right one which satisfies our hunger for information.

We are living in the smart-world, where everything we use, interact, and develop has its smart base. The smart-phones, the smart-watches, smart-devices, smart-TVs, many smart-technologies, all created by the Smartest of all, ‘The-human’!

What made the human think brightly and smartly in this technical world was the invention of the computer and further the internet.

Every website has its Web address, which contains information about the location of web-page on the internet. A web address is also called a URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator, that is present on the top bar above your webpage. It usually begins with HTTP or HTTPS.

Types of Websites

Let’s know about the types of websites. Websites can be divided into two types, Static and Dynamic.

Static Website

Static websites are usually the websites that capture or serve the data and information, but no direct user-interaction is allowed. In other words, static websites contain the fixed content webpages. Eg. Documentation websites, presentations, newsletter content, etc.

Dynamic Websites 

Dynamic Websites are also called interactive websites. These are a part of Web 2.0 Technology and the community of sites. Dynamic sites allow interaction with the users and other site visitors. These sites contain web pages that are real-time generated. Examples include blogs, e-commerce, calendars, or any other site where the information needs to be updated every day.

Categories of Websites 

Notice the similarities and differences between these libraries? Now, let’s explore one of our books in this huge internet library, ‘About Websites’.

About US 

Website’s Encyclopedia, it’s the Media!

About Websites is the media through which you can grab all the information regarding every single website present on the internet. It is a website encyclopedia, which maintains timely records of every website on the internet.

Just like our usual encyclopedias, which we use to read, learn, and share our knowledge with our colleagues, friends, and family by different sources; similarly about websites records an online website encyclopedia about websites on the internet. We create the website encyclopedia and provide free access to users where they can check the list of websites we provide.

About Websites is an encyclopedia of Websites where you can find history, facts, information, user reviews for any website over internet. About Websites is a freely accessible website, you not need to pay anything for accessing our huge database.

You can check about as many website as you want. You can also register your website with us and you only need to own a website and internet. Our team will check your website and if your website qualifies our Trust Test then we will post about your website.

Information about websites are provided by the site owners to us and then our team verifies that information. We took several tests before posting information about any website and give rank to every website. Website rank is based on Websites History, User Reviews, Domain Age, Search Engine Ranking, Website Traffic, Website Worth and lot other factors.

You can also check user reviews about any website and get an idea of other user experiences with that website. Anyone can share their experience with any website on this encyclopedia. You can write complain, reviews or any comment about any website and help others by sharing your experiences.

About Website’s Features

  • About websites is a completely free, and trusted website.
  • Great user interface.
  • Lists of websites.
  • Information is accurate and verified
  • Websites are categorized in various genres.
  • Recent posts can directly be accessed from the home page.
  • Records of traffic on the sites.
  • History and other information about these websites.
  • Services and benefits offered by these sites.
  • Online website encyclopedia.
  • Provide rankings to the websites
  • List of top websites based on different categories.
  • The world’s top websites can be found here.
  • You can even submit your website if it is not listed.

Benefits of using About Websites Encyclopedia

As we all know, the collection of articles and entries in an adequately sorted manner forms the encyclopedia. Website encyclopedia has a collection of all those websites on the internet sorted within various categories.

Our website encyclopedia has in-depth and detailed information about websites. Experienced and well-trained researchers grab the data across the internet and put it down in our bundle of information. All the information provided on our site is accurate, clear, easy to read, and easy to understand.

You do not need to pay anything for accessing our vast database on the internet. You can even submit your website if it is not listed on About Websites to get listed among the world of sites. We conduct several tests and give them scores before posting the information of any website on our page. Our team will verify your site, and if it passed the trust test, we will post your website to our list of websites.

The test is based on your website’s traffic, history, popularity, user reviews, domain age, search engine ranking, and many such factors. Our list of websites will provide you with all the websites on the vast internet.

Easy to find Websites

The About Websites homepage consists of websites sorted under various genres starting from Business, E-commerce, Education, Entertainment, Information, Movies, Social Media, Technology, Travel, and many more. Today’s online encyclopedia lives within the comfort of the web pages organized in an array of search results displayed on our search engine interface.

But, About Websites directly directs you to the path of those websites you are searching for. You can get all the pre-required information related to the site you want to browse for and then jump off to the main website.

In today’s internet-based world, we humans have become addicted to the internet to such an extent that we now even have created ‘Internet traffic‘ here! Internet traffic is nothing but the flow of data within the entire network of networks, i.e., the internet. Excessive use of the internet is creating traffic day by day. Indeed, we all know about the regular traffic on the roads caused by our vehicles and is unbearable to us, and sometimes annoying. But, this is not the case with internet traffic.

Our internet is home to millions and billions of websites. Every website residing here battles with each other to gain more traffic on their site. On our about websites, you can even check the traffic on different websites, their history, and how they gain popularity to become one of the most popular sites on the internet. The traffic is gradually increasing day by day, as the user becomes more drifted towards the internet.

Websites Reviews

You can even check the user reviews about different websites on the internet and get an idea about their experiences and user interface on that site. Anyone can share their experience on our website encyclopedia and become a part of our contributor’s community. You can also write complaints, reviews, and comments about other websites and share your experience with this world through the About Websites platform.

Helps in Search Engine Ranking 

As we know, a website is a collection of web pages and is identified by its domain name. Once the website has been established, it gains more and more traffic depending on its type. Once it acquires traffic and popularity on the internet, different search engines rank those websites to get featured on the search page.

To improve the ranking of website on Search Engine to websites owners practices SEO, where SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process of improving the quantity and quality of the web site’s traffic or a web page directly from your search engine.

There are a lot of factors that influence the Search Engine Rankings, such as security, accessibility, backlinks, page speed (depends on the time taken to load the site on both mobile as well as desktop), user-friendliness, domain age, URL, authority, content, crawl ability, traffic, user engagement, etc. You need to fulfill all the criteria for ranking your site, the highest or the top-most on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

List of Top Websites

About Websites also maintains the Top Website Lists based on their rankings and popularity on the internet. These Lists Of Websites find it helpful to the researchers and other users to keep records and gain information about websites on the internet. We also provide the rankings to the websites in our encyclopedia based on various factors from our end.

We provide a list of websites from almost every field. The top websites are sorted according to their categories. We list the World’s Top Websites based on criteria, such as entertainment websites, educational websites, Information websites, and much more.

Web development is also an art, and every single developer on this planet tries to make the creation look more artistic and unique from their point of view. These developers and their whole team’s efforts, consisting of designers, content writers, testers, and other end-users, make them capable of competing in the battle to get listed among the World’s Top Websites.

We have listed down the Top Websites based on the top 10 criteria. These include top 10 educational websites, top 10 entertainment websites, top 10 movies websites, top 10 social media websites, top 10 e-commerce websites, and many more across every category, along with the websites listed among the world’s top websites.

The world’s top website rankings are based on the tests and standards put forward by the internet rankers in front of the developers. They need to make their site fully efficient and robust enough to gain popularity on the internet and rank among the top-most sites on the search engine. After acquiring the position among the top websites, their journey doesn’t stop here. More challenges and obstacles come along their path, and they are required to maintain consistency.

Every website from their end tries to rank among the Top Websites, and hence the competition is never-ending. By providing the list of the top websites, we motivate the developers and other readers to engage themselves in this competitive world and rank among the Top Websites. 

We provide information about various websites and how much worth they are for commendation among the top websites. Even if your website is not worth standing amongst the top, remember one thing,

“Just keep in mind,

We never fail in life

Just have thousands

learning experiences

That didn’t work…

Tell yourselves 

You are not losers…

Balance your life

Strengthen your mind 

Just Affirm the layer…

You’ll achieve the prosperity

If you can dare…”

Hence, you should always try harder and ‘dare to win, within your fin.’ It means you can even rank among the top with all that you have within your reach; just a small effort can even take you to the world’s top-ranked websites.

Hence, even if your website is not registered with About Websites, register it today and tell millions of users about your website. Submit information about your website to our team and wait for a reply from us. Once your website clears our trust test, then we will post the information about your website to this great encyclopedia.

So, keep in mind, “Where the Websites Information Unites, It’s About Websites !