About 9GaG

About 9GaG




Ray Chan, Chris Chan, Brian Yu, Marco Fung, and Derek Chan


12th April, 2008


Entertainment Website






100+ Million/Month


About 9GaG Company

9GaG is the Hong Kong-based community platform that allows people to share unlimited funny pics, memes, gifs, and videos. It is a place that gives people the power to make the world happier. 9GaG was founded by Ray Chan, Chris Chan, Brian Yu, Marco Fung, and Derek Chan on 1st July 2008 in Hong Kong, China. The headquarters of 9GaG is in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, China, and Mountain View, California, United States.

According to reports, it is said that 9gag is attracting the attention of about 150 million users per month. Also, its Instagram account has 57 million followers, and its Facebook account has more than 40 million likes. Currently, the CEO of 9GaG is Ray Chan.

About 9GaG History

In the year 2008, a group of 5 people from Hong Kong, namely Ray Chan, Chris Chan, Brian Yu, Marco Fung, and Derek Chan, laid the foundation of 9GaG with the intention of creating an alternative online platform for email so that people can easily share funny photos, memes, and videos.

When the company was started, the founders’ mentality was to create an app “Just for Fun.” Soon, the company grabbed the attention of many users around the globe, and its user base increased to 70 million per month. With the new attention, the company started receiving many investments from big-loaded investors. Not only in Hong Kong, but they also moved to Silicon Valley.

In the year 2012, 9GaG finally launched its mobile application for IOS and Android users. Later in 2014, 9GaG launched their chatting app called 9CHAT, then in 2015, 9GaG launched their first-ever game called 9GaG Redhead Redemption.

About 9GaG Services

9GaG is an online platform for entertainment that allows users to upload and share user-generated content. It has become one of the largest leading platforms for entertainment content with millions of daily visitors. 9GaG has added some new features to its app, including recent save posts, customizing your home, and a new local section. People can add their favorite topics to the section menu for quick access and can hide the content from the home page. People can also bookmark their favorite pages and then jump to their favorite pages in just one tap.

Connectivity is extremely important to people using 9GaG because they want to get their meme fixed anytime, anywhere, and as fast as possible. So, in order to support the spontaneous nature of user engagement, 9GaG introduced a highly advanced offline browsing mode that will continue to entertain the users even without any internet or Wi-Fi.

To give ad-free entertainment to their users, 9GaG has introduced premium plans that are 9GaG Pro and 9GaG Pro Plus.

9GaG Pro – 9Gag Pro gives an ad-free experience to users, and users can show their Alpha Elite status with a Pro badge next to their username, automatic dark mode, allows users to save 300 posts and view & download posts or videos in HD.

9GaG Pro Plus – 9Gag also gives at the experience to, users can show their Alpha Elite status with Pro Plus badge next to the username, automated dark mode, darker than dark mode for protecting eyesight, allows users to save 900 posts, view and download HD photos, ultra dim bed mode, Ninja mode to hide online status while still see others and profile customization.

People can also join discussion boards to talk about many topics. The most popular discussion boards are Anime or Manga recommendations, Feels bar, Confession, league of legends, World of Warcraft, Movies and TV recommendations, and a lot more.

About 9GaG Benefits

With millions of visitors every day, 9gag is the app for people to laugh out loud, kill time and make new friends around the world. Read about 9Gag benefits below:-

  • Fast loading app

9GaG loads fast and allow effortless scrolling. Waste no time for a pick me up and a simply good laugh.

  • Unlimited Fun

People can enjoy 9GaG anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. It never gets people bored in classes, at work, or on bathroom breaks.

  • Connect with Millions of People

People can connect with millions of fellow 9gaggers. It allows people to discuss any topic that interests them, like gaming relationships and anime, or simply food.

  • Exclusive App-Only Features

People can tag and upload videos, and these are the functions that are exclusively launched on the 9GaG app.

  • Humour Your Friends

It allows people to share the latest trend with their peers or friends, or frenemies. People can easily tap on the meme or video to share on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and more.

  • Offers Multiple Payment Methods

For paid features, 9GaG offers multiple payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, Visa, American Express, e-wallets, and net banking.

  • Get a Superb Body

Research shows that 78% of the users on the platform have gained abs from laughing. So people should start their day with 9GaG because it’s the healthiest addiction that people can ever hope for.