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Cathy Zhang, Jack Ma, Simon Xie, Joseph C. Tsai, Trudy Dai, Peng Lei


15th April, 1999


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150+ Million/Month


30+ Million USD

About Alibaba Company

Alibaba is the biggest e-commerce website in the world. Alibaba Company or Alibaba Group Holding Limited, which is based on Hangzhou, China, and founded on April 4, 1999, by Cathy Zhang, Jack Ma, Simon Xie, Joseph C. Tsai, Trudy Dai, Peng Lei, and More.

Alibaba Group is China’s top-ranking multinational technology company that specializes in retail, e-commerce, technology, and the internet. Its three core sites are Alibaba.Com, Tmall, and Taobao.

Now we will let you know about Alibaba Company’s main subsidiaries. The principal subsidiaries of Alibaba Company include Alibaba.com, Daraz, Cainiao, Alibaba Cloud, Jade E-Services, Alibaba Pictures, and More.

Let’s have a look at about Alibaba.com.

Alibaba.com is one of the main subsidiaries of Alibaba Company, which was launched in 1999. It offers its SMEs and other members of the export/import supply chain services. That includes Trade financing, customs clearance, and logistics services. Subsidiaries of Alibaba.com are Cainiao and Alimama.

About Alibaba Services

The services of Alibaba Company are stated below.

  • import/export supply chain services
  • trade assurance
  • customs clearance
  • Ocean and air shipping
  • logistics services
  • inspection service and
  • pay-later service
  • community forum
  • mobile phone call support

The largest online Chinese e-commerce website Alibaba.com engaged millions of customers and product suppliers in import/ export services. This e-commerce website provides you with wholesale products from the suppliers for the lowest price. You can expand your business by buying products at the lowest rate and selling them at the standard price.

Alibaba.com spread its services in over 190 nations with 40 categories. The speciality of Alibaba.com is that it provides complimentary suppliers for every business kinds across the world.

The best individuality about Alibaba Company is that it offers the opportunity to buy the products from China directly without any medium through Alibaba.com. It will give you access to buy beauty products, clothes, machinery, electronics, and more.

Alibaba.com offers logistic and inspection services as well as pay-later service, which helps Alibaba to become the most popular e-commerce platform.

Benefits of Alibaba

If you use Alibaba.com, then you can be beneficial by its providing services. Here in this part of the article, we will learn about the benefits of Alibaba. Some common benefits of Alibaba are listed below.

  1. Instant access to global suppliers

You will get instant access to communicate with numerous global suppliers. You will get every product that you possibly know from these suppliers.

  1. On-time shipping

You will get your ordered product on time. Alibaba.com is very strict about maintaining the deadline.

  1. Quality protection

If the product fails to meet its quality as described during the agreement, then you will get your money refunded almost instantly.

  1. Production monitoring

Alibaba.com ensures on-time delivery by production monitoring that includes periodic phone calls to get an update about the production status.

  1. On-site factory check

Alibaba.com often visits their factory site to check the production quality by visual checking, quantity checking, packaging, and shipping mark.

  1. Specific characterization of different kinds of products

Another popular speciality about Alibaba is it provides specific characterization separately for different kinds of products. For example: if you type “Electronic Devices,” then you will get specific details about these kinds of products.

So, the information, as mentioned earlier about Alibaba Company, is providing here to help you to get information about this company.