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Ekta Kapoor


17th March, 2016


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About ALTBalaji Company

ALTBalaji is an Indian subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) platform. AltBalaji is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Balaji Telefilms Limited, founded by Ekta Kapoor. It is one of the group’s foray into Digital Entertainment Space.

Alt Balaji was launched on April 16, 2017, aims to create original OTT content. Currently, the platform has 34million paid users. Alt Balaji is one of the famous OTT players in India, with various options to offer.

About ALTBalaji Services

After conquering the television industry and putting a strong impression on the film industry, Balaji Telefilms has reached particular audiences directly by providing them with the best, original, exclusive, and tailor-made shows. Subscribed users can access the content just at their fingertips from any time anywhere. 

The best thing about ALTBalaji is that it offers affordable subscription packs with unlimited entertainment. ALTBalaji offers subscriptions in 3 packages, which users can avail of accordingly. 

₹100 – 3 months (@ ₹34/month)

₹180 – 6 months (@ ₹30/month)

₹300 – 12 months(@ ₹25/month)

Exciting cash back offers are provided with every subscription pack. 

ALTBalaji can be accessed across 32 different interfaces by the viewers. The platform offers over 250 hours of original content with new and exciting shows featuring India’s topmost actors and directors every month. ALTBalaji also provides 100+ hours of kid’s content and urban regional shows in languages such as Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. 

ALTBalaji has its blog, which has all the recent news, stories, or facts about their original shows and other content. ALTBalaji is home to a wide range of movies, shows, comedy series, music videos, kids content, cricket leagues, originals, and many more. 

More services ALTBalaji offers are Film Production, Film Distri, Television production, and streaming media. Balaji Telefilms has changed the shape of the entertainment industry with various capacities as no other platforms possess. 

Benefits of  ALTBalaji

Check the benefits of using ALTBalaji website below:-

1.   Fresh stories never like before: ALTBalaji offers original and exclusive stories tailored across the Indians across the world. The platform hosts original, fresh, premium, and high-quality shows featuring celebrities.
The shows form the best of the efforts behind the team of well-trained and professional writers, award-winning directors, cinematographers, and other crew members. ALTBalaji is the right alternative for mainstream entertainment. 

2.   Stories for everyone: viewers can choose the genres like Thriller, Action, Comedy, Adult, Children, Family, Drama, Music, Sports, Devotional, Spiritual, Mystery, Crime, etc. ALTBalaji has shows offered for every age group, starting from kids to professionals with families. 

3.   Region- No bar: This platform host shows in various languages. This caters to all the regional language speakers across the globe. 

4.   Technology, your enabler: It is a subscription-based video on demand (SVOD) service which can be accessed across multiple interfaces, be it smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, Android TVs, etc.. The developers have well prepared ALTBalaji to be platform-independent and compatible across any device.

5.   Sharing: Once the user subscribes to ALTBalaji, he has the benefit of logging on and watching the content across at most five devices at a time. 

6.   Download: You can download videos offline on your respective device. The downloaded content can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, even if the users don’t have an internet connection. 

7.   Binge Watch: You can watch all the original content, episodes, movies, series without any limits. The website claims to be the largest content bank ever seen in India.

8.   FAQs: They provide standard answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by the users. Queries such as Common questions, Account and Setting, Troubleshooting, and subscription-related are solved from their end. 

The features, Bollywood hits with all the details such as year of release, duration, cast, genre, language, etc., are available on this platform. Hits from famous Bollywood actors, including John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Sunny Leone, Sonakshi Sinha, Sidharth Malhotra, Emran Hashmi, and many more. 

All the content is provided with premium viewing quality such as HD and FHD, depending on your network. Users will need a minimum of 500kbps of download speed. But, ALTBalaji recommends at least 1.5Mbps for a smooth and High definition playback experience to its users. 

Users have the privilege to watch trailers before they start watching the shows directly. They can also mark as favorite the shows they like and sort them. ALTBalaji mentions in detail that the content user has selected is available for which age limit. They provide the starring information and the story overview for each of the series. 

During the lockdown, ALTBalaji has seen a nearly 150 percent rise in the watch time for each customer after April. This famous Indian OTT platform is adding over 10000 to 17000 users per day. Recent reviews show that it has added to a 70 percent increase in ALTBalaji’s users. 

ALTBalaji is a paid service, and that doesn’t run advertisements. They aim to create an excellent content-watching experience and a comfortable and simple-to-use user interface of the application. ALTBalaji is confident enough that the demand for the content will continue to rise even after the resume of normalcy and hope to break the entertainment industry records by the end of 2021.

ALTBalaji plans to build a robust content library with originals, dominate the Hindi-speaking markets, and take the company to great heights. The company has become one of the OTT Industry’s significant players and gaining further encouragement by the massive increase in its subscriber base. They are further focusing on strengthening its UI/UX and aspects like multi-language interface, recommendations, voice search, and convenient payment gateway.

Thus the ALTBalaji strategized in the new year to strengthen their organization to tight, sharp, and quick to react with their customers. They have been catering to all kinds of audiences through their diverse content and spanning multiple regional languages across India in the coming years. Hence, once subscribed, users can enjoy unlimited entertainment and laughter out of limits and get ready to change the stressed environment to the better one!