About AOL

About AOL




Steve Case, Jim Kimsey, Marc Sheriff, and William Von Meister


22nd June, 1995


Search Engine Website






200+ Million/Month


8.5+ Million USD

About AOL Company

AOL is an online digital platform that gives users information about the latest news, email, and weather all in one easy app. AOL was founded by Steve Case, Jim Kimsey, Marc Sheriff, and William Von Meister on 24th May 1985 in New York City, United States. The headquarters of AOL is in New York, United States. Currently, the CEO of AOL is Tim Armstrong.

The parent companies of the organization are Verizon media and AOL Holdings LLC.

AOL has many subsidiaries some of them are MapQuest, advertising.co, MailBlocks, AOL Asia Limited, AOL Australia PTY Limited, Relevance, AOL Canada Inc, One by AOL, Goowy Media, CompuServe, Adtech, NaviSoft, and many more. According to reports, about 1.5 Million people are paying monthly subscription fees for AOL.

About AOL History

Let’s learn the past about AOL,

1983 – AOL was founded as Control Video Corporation and had only one product called Gameline, which is used to rent games for 1 $. After a year, it was reborn as Quantum Computer Services and STeve Case became the CEO of the company.

1985 – Three years later, the company launched PC link and also partnered with Apple to launch ApplyLink to provide both online and pre-internet services.

1989 – The organization ended its partnership with Apple and renamed it America Online. two years later, the company released its DOS and after that, it launched its windows.

1996 – The contemporary internet era begins. Millions of American Online CDs were repurposed as frisbees.

1998 – The company obtained Netscape which was the maker of the Netscape Navigator.

2006 – The company ditched its full name and renamed it AOL. The company also moved its headquarters from Virginia to New York.

2009 – Tim Armstrong becomes the new CEO and the company undergoes huge developments. The company acquired TechCrunch, a reporting site, and About. Me, a profile portal site.

2011 – AOL acquired another company called The Huffington and cut 900 employees as a result of their deal.

2013 – AOL recorded its first revenue growth in eight years.

2015 – Verizon acquired AOL for $4.4 billion in cash.

About AOL Services

From the latest headlines to fast-loading email and trending videos, AOL brings it all together on a mobile device. Notifications around breaking news and important emails help people to stay informed and connected. Stay on top of today’s top stories on a variety of topics from politics and finance to celebrity news.

Plus, check your AOL and send messages, and access all of your AOL and phone contacts directly from the app. It allows people to customize their page by using the ‘My interests’ page to receive savings and ensure that they only see deals from pages they are interested in. It provides services like –

AOL News

  • Read or watch the latest news around politics, US and world news, sports, entertainment, finance, lifestyle, and weather
  • Pulled from reliable sites including TechCrunch, HuffPost, Engadget, AOL Finance, and AOL Sports
  • Never miss a story with instant breaking news push notifications
  • Share articles and videos via Facebook, Twitter, and email

AOL Email

  • Secure your account with your fingerprint, PIN, or pattern
  • Manage your AOL mail from anywhere
  • Access all of your phone and AOL contacts in a single location
  • Quickly swipe to delete, move, mark, or flag emails
  • Accessibility: Enabled for switch control, physical keyboards, and alternative input devices

AOL Weather Forecast

  • Check the weather in your location with a single tap
  • Hourly and fairly forecasts
  • Customized notifications

AOL Video

  • Watch video clips and stream NFL games live on your phone
  • Choose from a variety of topics including celebrity news, animals, and top stories

AOL also offers some AOL plans which are

  • AOL Live Support PlusThis plan gives live expert advice for all the AOL needs – from email to installation, logging in, technical questions, mobile email, and more. It also gives 24 x 7 live support, McAfee multi-access, and last pass premium. People can buy this plan at $4.99 per month.
  • ID protectionThis plan is designed to protect people’s identity, personal information, privacy, and online reputation so people can shop, bank, socialize, and surf online with greater peace of mind. This plan includes LifeLock identity theft protection, LastPass premium, my privacy, and my reputation discovery. People can buy this plan at $9.99 per month.
  • Data Secure by AOLThis plan is designed to help protect against viruses, malware, trojans, and keylogging schemes, so people can secure their valuable data and information. This plan includes McAfee multi-access, AOL tech fortress, private Wi-Fi by AOL, and a data mask. People can buy this plan at $9.99 per month.
  • Complete by AOLThis plan is the all-in-one comprehensive and affordable solution that combines the id protection by AOL and data secure by all plans. This plan includes LifeLock identity theft protection, LastPass premium, my privacy, McAfee multi-access, private wifi by AOL, and a data mask. People can buy this plan at $14.99 per month.
  • Tech Plus by AOLTech plus by AOL provides around-the-clock tech support for all devices coupled with computer and digital data protection services. People can buy this plan at $50 per month.

About AOL Benefits

Read about AOL Benefits below:-

  1. A customizable bottom tab bar to include only the tabs people are interested in. People can just tap more and then tap on the customize option.
  2. AOL has also added a new Smart Views for emails with attachments, only unread {for universal inbox accounts}, travel-related, and emails from people rather than businesses.
  3. It also offers members access to exclusive discounts on everything from movie tickets to buying a home.
  4. People can discover unique offers such as free shipping or higher discount percentages on merchants like Apple, Samsung, Six Flags, Costco, and more.
  5. It gives the benefits of exclusive travel discounts on hotels in hundreds of destinations worldwide – even the most well-known spots in Las Vegas.