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About BBC Company

One of the world’s oldest public service broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Company was founded on 18 October 1922. BBC started its first daily radio service in London. Daily broadcasting of the BBC began in Marconi’s London studio, on November 14, 1922. September 1923 was a revolutionary change for the BBC. They introduced the world’s most popular listing magazine, ‘The Radio Times’ which soon became the official organ of the BBC.

It was later named to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on 1 January 1927, with the motto, ‘Nation shall speak peace unto Nation‘. The 1930s was the birth of television and the opening of the iconic BBC Broadcasting house. It was the decade that changed everything. BBC soon become the most trusted broadcasting company and gained a lot of popularity all over the world.

It was established by a Royal Charter. BBC is funded through the license fee paid by UK households. Their role is to promote public services and fulfill their missions. BBC service is available in more than 40 languages all over the world. BBC has been one of the oldest and largest broadcasters by a number of employees, over 22000 staff altogether.

About BBC Services

BBC provides ten National TV channels, regional TV programs, internet TV service (BBC three), ten National radio stations, 40 local radio stations, magazines, and an extensive website.

The editorial scope of BBC’s online news service is rapidly increasing day by day. They are drawing from the feedbacks and reviews given by people and further improving their services. The best thing about BBC services is the launch of soft-news articles, lifestyle content, celebrity columns, sports news, and advertisements, which stand out to be the most popular content in today’s world.

BBC offers its services to the world by broadcasting the world’s information on radio, TV, and online media. It offers information and news in almost 43 languages, including English.

  • About BBC Television Services: BBC provides a wide range of content, news, programs, and services for its audience across the world, using Television as a medium of communication. Channels such as BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC News, BBC Parliament, BBC ALBA, S4C, BBC Hindi Tv, BBC Marathi TV, and BBC Scotland.


  • About BBC Radio Service: BBC provides its radio services in around 65 stations all around the world. The purpose behind the radio Services was to engage with the BBC, the questions all around the world. The service provides radio stations covering the majority of musical genres, local news, affairs, interests, and many informative programs to its audience.


  • About BBC Digital Services: BBC offers a wide range of services through their website and apps across a range of devices starting from smartphones to smart TVs. Platforms include BBC homepage, BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC sports, BBC sounds, BBC weather, BBC earth, BBC Bitesize, CBBC, and CBeebies online. BBC website, the global commercial news website brings news and information to an international audience.


  • About BBC Commercial Services: BBC’s commercial subsidiaries are:
  1. About BBC Studios a glob content Company with British creativity at its heart. It broadcasts BBC’s award-winning British Programs, internationally recognized across a broad range of genres and specialisms. It is BBC’S one of the strong arms for content production, sales, and distribution.
  2. About BBC Studio Works– It provides studio and post-production facilities and services to broadcasters and independent production companies. Working with a broad range of media companies in partnership, it helps create content across all genres for a variety of broadcasters.
  3. BBC Global News Limited– It operates BBC’s two commercially funded international news services, BBC world news, the 24-hour global news network, and the digital platform BBC.com including the BBC website, app, and the sport app. Its mission is to be the best and most trusted international news provider in the world.
  • About BBC Magazines: BBC publishes world-famous magazines such as BBC science focus magazine, BBC history, BBC Wildfire, BBC Knowledge, BBC Focus on Africa, London Calling, The Radio Times, The Listener, Top of the Pops, BBC MindGames, and Ariel. Readers can also get their digital subscription and copy of the magazine. They can also try the subscription copy free for 7 days before availing of the actual subscription pack.

About BBC Benefits

BBC Features

  • News: provides real-time news updates from every corner of the world. Their aim is to provide impartial news and information to help people understand and engage with the world around them.
  • Learning: To support learning for people of all ages through various learning platforms.
  • Creativity: Show the most creative, distinctive output and highest quality services to the people around the world.
  • Diversity: To reflect, serve and represent the diverse communities across the globe. They majorly aim to support the creative community and economy all around the world.
  • World support: To reflect the values and culture from different parts of the world to each other and stand by as a whole huge community.

Along with these features, the BBC website provides some other portals for the audience such as Culture, Geography, Health, History, Mathematics, Activities, Nature, People, Philosophy, Religion, Society, Technology, Music, and other Random genres.


BBC Academy helps its audience to discover, learn and grow through various training and development environments. It is aimed to educate, inform and provide a skill-based environment to prepare students and other interested people to be Industry- ready. Freelancers and other partners are allocated separate training for their skill development. BBC focuses on being our guide in the journey throughout.


Other external links created by BBC are Digital Cities, Young Reporter, Creative Diversity, Beyond Fake news, etc. The BBC is ambitioned to expand its community and online news provision to crowd out the commercial news providers across each level, be it local, national or international.

BBC seeks its future in expanding its services to every single corner of the world and reaches out to a large number of people. To broaden the news sector with vibrant and innovative services to citizens and standing up firmly into the international markets. BBC is planning to establish a transparent partnership with other news provider organizations that would enable them to strive the market and further expand its online news service.