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Evan Williams, Meg Hourihan


22nd, June, 1999


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50+ Million/Month


11+ Million USD

About Blogger Company

Blogger is an American blog-publishing service that allows users to publish blogs with time-stamped entries. Blogger is an online content management system (CMS) where users can share their experiences, ideas, views, and updates in front of the world. Blogger was launched and developed by Pyra labs on 23 August 1999, but it was further developed and brought up in the market by Google in 2003. Founders of Blogger.com are Evan Williams, Meg Hourihan. Blogger was the first dedicated blog-publishing tool.


The blogs are hosted by google. They are accessed from a subdomain of ‘blogspot.com’. Google allows users to have up to 100 blogs per account. Until May 2010, the Blogger allowed users to publish the blogs on their own web hosting server via FTP, but then they allowed a custom domain owned by the user by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Google’s servers.

About Blogger Services

Blogger allows users to publish their passions on the way. Users can share their knowledge, experience, latest news, updates, ideas, etc. for free. Users just need to sign up in order to use blogger.

Signing up on blogger is very easy. If you have your own google account, then go to blogger.com and activate your account by linking your account to blogger. If you don’t have a Google account, create one and start using blogger! The default blog setting on blogger is to use it for free using the subdomain blogpost.com. But if you wish to create a separate domain using other hosts, you can link it to blogger.


For creating or selecting a name for your blog, make sure that it is unique and easy to understand. For example, if your blog is all about the food styles, then form a creative and unique name, for instance, like ‘the foodies’ hub’ or ‘food villa’ or any relevant. Make sure you use the same blog name about which you are going to write a blog. It helps readers in capturing their attention and makes them read and explore more about your blog. Google also makes sure from its end that the blog name and the domain name are unique. It offers step-by-step instructions for setting up your blog.


You can write a new post on your blog by simply clicking on the ‘+ New Post’ button on the left side of your blog. After writing the post, you can format it using HTML directly or by default editors present in the edit area.


Users also can add Pages to your blog. It is similar to adding a post to your blog, only with a key difference of the tab bar on the top of your blog. One of the best services about Blogger is that it allows users to track their pageviews and comments separately. You can also remove the posts or pages if you want so, simply by clicking on the delete icon on the post on your blogger page.

About Blogger Benefits & Features

  • Popular: More than 35% of all the websites were created using Google’s blogger. Millions of active users are publishing the content per day. It is the most popular, big and crowded cms.
  • Easy to work: Blogger has a visual and user-friendly dashboard for personalizing your blog. You can change the settings easily and manage the enables or disables.
  • In-built editor: Helps you customize your website design within few seconds. You can add background images, colors, fonts, widgets, and change layout using the flexible layout builder.
  • Fast: Creating a blog, writing a post, uploading images, publishing it, modifying it, all can be done within a single click. Blogger is one of the fastest cms platforms. It saves both your time and money.
  • SEO friendly: Blogger has inbuilt services and sharing buttons that help you to promote your blog content to social network sites easily.
  • Reliable System: Using the blogger means relying on the right one. You will be protected by Google security. Your site’s and personal information will stay under protection from google. No hacker or spammer will harm your content or the website.
  • Making money: blogger has its own Google Affiliate Network and AdSense within it. Users can start earning through the blogger. You just need the best content of all, because ‘the content is the king’ for Google.
  • Total Free: All the available Templates, widgets, subdomains, webservers, and other services are all free of cost. Everything you need is the content and your time.
  • Reading list: Users can read the posts on your blogs and also add them to the reading lists on the blog dashboard for reading it next time again you log in.
  • Stats: Stats page on Blogger helps to track down the number of visitors on your blog, followers, your posts statistics, comments, etc. It highlights the most important data of your blog as well as the most viewed posts.
  • Language support: Blogger is available in around 60 languages of the world such as English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Russian, etc.
  • Device support: Blogger has both mobile and Computer device support. Users can manage their blog by downloading the blogger app on their smartphones or using the blogger site from their computer.


Since 1999, millions of people have opened up and expressed themselves through bloggers. There is hidden behind the art of blogging. The user should have a good ability to share, publish and express himself in the world of the internet. You should of course be a better writer, be able to seek the attention of readers towards your site through writing and customization. You should be able to know about the blogging tools for growing up your blog. You should know about the correct use of keywords and strategies for ranking your site.

Hence, opt for the Blogger experience fast. Go ahead of your everyday routine and plan for something exciting way such as the Blogger. Top contributors and developers across the country are always in a hurry of delivering good quality services to their customers. In a similar manner, you can also try contributing to the world with a tagline as ‘Blogger‘…