About Byju’s

About Byju's
FounderByju Raveendran
CATEGORYEducation Website
TRAFFIC15+ Million/Month
WORTH800+ Thousand USD

About Byju’s Company

Byju’s is an Indian educational learning app developed by Think and Learn Private Ltd. This is an educational technology company based in Bangalore. This online tutoring learning app was founded by Byju Raveendran in 2011.

Byju Raveendran, along with his wife Divya Gokulnath and his brother Riju Raveendran established this learning app at Bangalore (Headquarter). The subsidiaries are SPAN Thoughtworks Private Limited, Osmo, Tutor vista, and more.

If you want to know About Byju’s Company’s products and services, then read this article carefully. The first product of this company is BYJU’S-The Learning App, which is a mobile app launched in 2015. The specialty of Byju’s learning app is it provides educational tutorials along with videos and contents for class 1-12.

This company also provides several courses for Entrance Exams students. These courses include NEET, IIT-JEE, CSE, and CAT. Byju’s also provides GMAT and GRE for international exams.

About Byju’s Services

Do you know about Byju’s services? Byju’s mobile learning app provides several learning courses for the students of class 1-12, the students of Entrance exams, and for the international competitive exams. These services are stated below with a short description for your better understanding.

  • Courses for K-12 (class 4-12):

K-12 learning programs are mainly focused on Science and Math, and this app provides explanation of the contents with digital animation videos of a maximum of 20 minutes. It has 33 million online users and 2.2 million subscribed users (paid).

  • Disney BYJU’S app for kids (class 1-3):

Byju’s provides Disney-Byju’s app for class1-3 to teach essential learning. This app uses Disney- characters to make the teaching enjoyable to the kids.

  • Courses for the Entrance Exam’s students:

Another remarkable feature of Byju’s is, this learning app provides several classes along with exam sheets to make the users prepared for Indian Entrance Exams. These courses include NEET, IIT-JEE, CSE, and CAT.

  • Courses for International Exams:

This online technological learning app also offers courses for competitive international exams like GMAT and GRE. These courses are extremely useful and engaging too.


Benefits of Byju’s

Byju’s online learning app provides several benefits for online education seekers. You can get below-listed benefits by using about  Byju’s online learning app.

The Byju’s online learning app team, provides you a well designed adaptive learning module. Adaptive modules for interesting and retain learning that is accreated by IIM and IIT Alumni that are the key features about Byju’s Company.

The benefits of taking online courses are given below.

  1. Expedient/ Handy

Online educational courses are quite useful/ convenient to carry. You can get below-stated advantage by taking an online course.

  • 24 hours/7 days, online courses available.
  • No chance to miss any class
  • Accessibility to get notes
  • Reviews on assignment, quizzes, question/answer features are available
  • Relaxed schedule for attending classes
  1. Flexible Time and Place Feature
  • You can visit your favorite courses anytime
  • You have the flexibility to choose the place from where you want to study
  • You can visit the sessions whenever you prefer.a
  1. Easy to look over what your Child’s learning
  • Parents can quickly look over their children’s education.
  • Graphics animation develops children’s learning interests.
  1. You can get attention individually
  • Online education courses ensure direct communication between teachers and students.
  • Online courses improved learning proficiency opportunities.
  • Students can ask questions about confusing subjects through email
  1. Acquire Skills
  • One can acquire everyday skills through an online course.
  • You can attain technical study materials through online courses.
  1. Effective Learning                                                                                                            

Online courses provide us active learning. A student can remember his/her academic subject for a long time. Online tutors taught their lessons through examples as well as training. Adaptive e-learning ensures long-term retain ability.

  1. Less Expensive
  • Online education costs less than classroom education
  • Saves transportation costs
  • You will never miss any class
  1. Organized Courses
  • You can get oriented sessions according to their categories. You will get your respected courses from grades 1 to 12, entrance courses from national to international (from JEE to GMAT).

Byju’s is the top-rated and number 1 online learning app that provides you useful learning courses from school level to international entrance exams. Byju’s designed its online courses by professional alumni.