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Toshi Yamamoto


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4th April, 2003*


35+ Million/Month**


875+ Thousand USD***

About Chatwork Company

ChatWork is a group chat app designed to help global teams communicate, collaborate, and increase productivity. The platform includes secure messaging, video chat, task management, and file-sharing functionality.

About Chatwork Founder 

The founder of ChatWork is Toshi Yamamoto, it was founded in 2000. Currently, the CEO of the company is Toshi Yamamoto. The headquarters of ChatWork is in Tokyo, Japan. ChatWork is likely the first modern-day business chat product launched in the world.

About Chatwork Users 

As a pioneer of the industry, Chatwork currently holds the #1 market share position in Japan based on the number of users. The number of companies that have used Chatwork exceeds 313,000.

Around the world in 2021, over 117 companies have started using ChatWork as an instant-messaging tool. Companies using ChatWork for instant messaging are majorly from Japan with 50% customers.

47.17% of ChatWork customers are from Japan. Other top countries using ChatWork are the United States, India with 24.53% and 3.77% customers respectively.

About Chatwork Services

To ensure that their customers can conduct their business communications with confidence, ChatWork operates a service that pays close attention to security from various angles ranging from the construction of information management systems to security auditing.

Chatwork has concluded a business partnership with KDDI Corporation and jointly developed enhanced security and management functions that can be used even in large organizations.

These security standards and management functions are suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small to medium enterprises to large enterprises and government agencies. As of the end of July 2020, more than 277,000 companies are using them.

Features of Chatwork 

  • Ability to search within all conversations
  • Assign tasks within the chat screen
  • Use live webforms rather than locally uploaded
  • Mark unread messages to check and reply later
  • Group video chat
  • Use seamlessly on PC and Smartphone – sync every time everywhere, without chat interruption
  • Control individual users with the Management Interface
  • All information encrypted by SSL Protocol
  • Consumer Protection Cloud Certificate ISO27018

About Chatwork API 

Chatwork API is an API provided for developers to programmatically interact with Chatwork’s services. It enables you to integrate Chatwork’s features into your web application and business system.

Chatwork API can be used to make a web server notifies the administrator when an error occurs, or make a project management tool send out messages to other Chatwork users when tasks status is updated.

Let’s know about ChatWork subscription plans launched by the company –

About Chatwork Free Subscription Plan 

It allows Secure messaging, Unlimited 1:1 chats, Join a total of 7 group chats, 1:1 video calls, Two-factor authentication, 5GB storage, Searchable message history, and Task management. It is available for free, you can sign up freely and can use it.

About Chatwork Business Subscription Plan 

It allows Secure messaging, Unlimited 1:1 chats, Unlimited group chats, Group video calls, Two-factor authentication, 10GB storage/user, Searchable message history, Task management, Free iOS & Android apps, Dedicated support, User management, and File management. It is available at $5/month for an annual subscription and $6/month for a monthly subscription.

About Chatwork Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Chatwork –

1.Chat and Notifications

You can store your files, chat with anyone in your contact, mark important groups to search conveniently, and can search info by messages on keywords. You can also set up Chatwork to send emails when there is a new notice in your mailbox in a timeframe.

2. Task Management

Assign your tasks and colleagues’ tasks, so everyone can know clearly whose responsibilities. Review your project and assignments according to the due date.

3. File share

View all files that are uploaded up to date. Files can be Uploaded in many formats such as excel, word, images. You can preview files and download files that are shared by other members who uploaded them on your group chat.

4. Video Call

Set up meeting calls with group chat members and Call discussions and images on mobile devices, easy use. You can Do meeting video calls with group chat members and share screens in a meeting with people who can watch your actions.

5. User Management

You can make groups and freely add new users according to the registration package. Groups can update member info such as profile and password.

6. Profile

Set up your Chatwork ID, then people can search on your ID. You can fill contact info out such as email, cell phone on your contact info, and can upload your cover photo to display on your profile.

This was all about Chatwork; about Chatwork services and its benefits that have made Chatwork one of the most popular business group chat app used by around the world.


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