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`Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld


22nd September, 1993*


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About CNN Website

CNN (Cable News Network) is an American multinational news-based pay television channel. Its headquarter is in New York City. It is owned by CNN Worldwide, a unit of Warner Media news and sports division.

CNN News Channel was founded in 1980 by an American proprietor Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld, as Unites State’s first 24-hour cable all-news television channel. It has now completely become a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Tine Warner Company.

CNN launched its website cnn.com on August 30, 1995. The site soon gained a lot of attention from readers and is now one of the popular news websites worldwide. Now, CNN has become one of the powerful sources of information and knowledge-sharing platforms across the world.

As of September 2018, CNN has around 90.1 million television households as subscribers in the US. It ranked third in viewership among cable news networks in 2019. CNN platform delivers news from almost 4000 journalists around every corner of the globe. Its reach extends to 14 cable and satellite television networks.

About CNN Services

CNN products and services take users while reading and watching to the farthest corners of the world. Its major websites are:-

1. CNN.com – first major news and information website
2. CNN New Source– world’s most extensively syndicated service of news.
3. CNN Underscored– a guide to everyday products and services that help live a smarter and simpler life.
4. CNN Store– an online store to discover and save on exclusive gadgets, online courses, apps, and many more Services.
5. CNN Audio– an online portal for listening to CNN daily news broadcasts, podcasts such as headlines, analysis, interviews, daily television showcases, and special series.
6. CNN Money– contains breaking news of Business, financial, and market news, as well as in-depth analysis of US and global economies and other companies.
7. CNN other regional channels: CNN offers regional channels across different countries such as CNN news18 in India, CNN+ in Spain, CNN Italia, etc.

They bring world news to their users and deliver the best content and services to enrich the lives of their readers. CNN makes the audience aware of all the genres such as world news, Political updates, Business, Money, Health, Entertainment, Style, Travel, Sports, and videos worldwide.

Users can watch CNN, CNNi, HLN, and other CNN channels anytime, anywhere. Viewers can experience the world of breaking news by watching or reading in-depth stories, exploring photo galleries, or news clips. Video-on-demand and live TV are also available for US consumers. The audience can also switch between the edition of CNN to be explored, such as US, Arabic, Español, or international.

Let’s know more about CNN Services:-

●  CNN Mobile Services

CNN content is now available in your pockets. You can read up to current minute stories, photos, and videos by downloading the CNN mobile application. You can watch live streaming of the news, the latest information videos, video on demand clips, and receive Breaking news highlights and text alerts on your mobile. No matter wherever you go, CNN aims to bring the world more nearer to you. 

●    CNN E-mail Newsletters

By subscribing to CNN e-mail newsletters, you can be the first to know or receive all the breaking news alerts, information about recent technologies, innovation, and much more straightforward on your e-mail address. You can follow the topics of your interest, such as politics, technology, health, or other topics that interest you the most, and subscribe to the newsletter. CNN offers e-mail updates diversely as per your interests. So, subscribe and enjoy the world full of information. 

●    CNN Story Idea

CNN offers its audience to provide ideas for the latest collection and updates for further consideration. It can include suggestions, innovative ideas, and other submissions. CNN always welcomes story ideas from the people interested and contributes to the expansion of the network. They review all the submissions and take into consideration all the innovative and exciting ideas. If the idea is chosen, the team contacts the person and appreciates them. CNN also welcomes news clips all across the world.

Features About CNN Website

●    World: Latest world news coverage across the countries such as Africa, America, Australia, China, Europe, India, Middle East, United Kingdom, and many more Asian countries. 

●    Travel: Contains information about travel destinations and news about those destinations. It also offers users to explore the Food and Drink Stays, provides videos and photos for the respective destination, and helps users plan a perfect vacation. 

●    Business: Latest updates about share markets, online Businesses, and other markets are tracked. Technological, media, people perspectives clips, and reviews are provided.

●    Weather: All the weather-related news and updates are provided from time to time, including features like storm tracker, wildfire tracker, future predictions, etc. 

●    Sports: All the live coverage and updates regarding sports like cricket, football, golf, skiing, horse racing, motorsport, Formula E, Esports are made.

CNN operates its bureaus on six continents, including 10 US-based and other 212 countries of the world. These bureaus give CNN the ability to cover news whenever and wherever it happens. Newsgathering coordinated from time to time through all the national and international desks. 

CNN is the original 24/7 news network that changed everything when it was launched. It is now offering a mix of analysis, roundtable shows, news, documentaries, and other updates worldwide. Although CNN is a television news channel, you do not need to use cable or TV to watch it. It is available online for free on many online streaming platforms as well as its mobile app

CNN Digital now has become the world leader in online news and information. It seeks to inform, engage and empower the world. Expanding around its cable industry itself was not their limit. 

The great success behind CNN is the working 24*7 staff, seven days a week, and dedicated team of CNN bureaus worldwide. They maintained offering to citizens what other networks could not, i.e., the complete and continued coverage of news events, both small and large. Hence, as said by CNN, follow the rule- “Go live, Stay with it and make it important…!”


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