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14th June, 1999*


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About DocuSign 

DocuSign is an easy-to-use digital transaction platform that lets users send, sign and manage legally binding documents securely in the cloud.

About Docusign Founder

The  founders of DocuSign are Tom Gonser, Eric Ranft, and Court Lorenzini in 2003, San Francisco, California, United States. Currently, the CEO of the company is Dan Springer.

About Docusign Headquarter

The headquarters of the company is in San Francisco, California, United States.

About Docusign Subsidiaries

Subsidiaries of DocuSign are SpringCM, Cartavi Inc, New Century Title Co, DocuSign ARX, DocuSign International, Inc., Comprova.com Informatica S.A., and ARX (Algorithmic Research Ltd.).

According to the official website, DocuSign has more than 1,000,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries who use DocuSign to accelerate the process of doing business and simplify people’s lives. Let’s learn a bit more about DocuSign.

About DocuSign History

Let’s learn about DocuSign’s history and it’s an extraordinary story –

2003 Tom Gonser, Court Lorenzini, and Eric Ranft laid the foundation of DocuSign. Previously, the founder Tom Gonser was the CEO of the company NetUpdate. Though the company NetUpdate acquired many companies, one of them was DocuTouch.
DocuTouch held all the documents and patents on web-based digital signatures. From there Gonser got the idea of DocuSign, so after making negotiations for the purchase of NetUpdate assets, the trio inaugurated DocuSign.

2005 The sales of the firm grew when zipForm now known as zipLogix integrated DocuSign into their virtual real estate form.

2007 Matthew Schiltz took the position as new CEO while the former CEO, Court Lorenzini took the role of executive vice-president of business development.

2010 Matthew Schiltz steps down from the position of CEO and Steven King becomes the new CEO. DocuSign added support for iPhone, iPad, and phone-based user authentication. After some time,  Keith Krach becomes the new CEO.

2011 DocuSign opened its offices in London, England, and San Francisco which now functions as the global headquarters of the company.

2012 DocuSign marked an agreement with PayPal in April 2012 that enabled users to capture signatures and payments in a single transaction with DocuSign Payment.

2013 DocuSign proclaimed a partnership with Equifax to facilitate electronic delivery of the Requests for Transcript of Tax Return Form 4506-T to the United States.

2015 Keith Krach stepped from the position of CEO and once again search for new CEO was commenced.

2016 DocuSign was ranked 3rd position on the Forbes Cloud 100 list.

2017 Daniel Spring, a veteran software executive was named CEO of the company.

2018 DocuSign acquired SpringCM for $220 million.

2019 DocuSign launched the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, a suite of products and integrations for automating and binding the entire agreement procedure digitally.

2020DocuSign purchased Seal Software for $188 million.

About DocuSign Services

From agreements to offer letters to investment orders, agreements are the foundation of doing business. However many organizations still count on manual, disconnected procedures to get agreements done squandering time and money, increasing mistakes and risk, and hindering employees and customers. 

That’s why, In the early 2000s, Seattle-based entrepreneur Tom Gonser started DocuSign because he wanted to fundamentally improve how business transactions happen. At that time, the only available remedies were very confusing. Operating directly with customers to understand their specific challenges and needs, Gonser and his team set out to assure that signing electronically would be manageable, lawfully critical and protected.

Since its foundation in 2003, DocuSign has been on a journey to stimulate business and streamline power for companies and people around the globe. It commenced the development of e-signature technology, and today DocuSign helps organizations engage and automate how they formulate, sign, act on, and manage agreements.

As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on basically any device, from practically anywhere, at any time. The value of DocuSign is simple to understand: heritage, paper-based agreement procedures are manual, sluggish, costly, and error-prone. 

DocuSign eradicates the paper, automates the procedure, and relates it to all the other networks that corporations are already employing. The platform has 350+ pre-built integrations with prominent business apps. In addition, the API enables implanting and associating DocuSign with customers’ websites, mobile apps, and custom workflows. 

More than 1,000,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign to stimulate the process of doing business and simplify people’s lives. Today, hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide have adopted eSignature technology because it lets them do business quickly, with less peril, lower expenditures, and promising events for customers, partners, and employees.

Overall, the chronology of agreements is essentially connected with the history of innovation. Nonetheless, it’s important to also acknowledge that innovation is steady in action – developing fresh opportunities and deciphering new difficulties.

About DocuSign Benefits 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits about DocuSign – 

  • Over 85 million users worldwide

DocuSign is the most reliable and globally trusted service for electronic signatures and approvals.

  • Works with your favorite apps

DocuSign works with the services, applications, and devices you already use: Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Apple, and many more.

  • Get it done, faster than ever

Easy to use, quick to learn, and a snap to implement, approvals and agreements are simple and convenient for everyone involved.

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device

Access, sign, and send important documents from your desk, on the road, or everywhere in between.

This was all about DocuSign; about DocuSign’s history, services and benefits that has made it one of the best companies in the world for its E-signature services.


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