About DuckDuckGo

About DuckDuckGo




Gabriel Weinberg


11th November, 2007


Search Engine Website






750+ Million/Month


5+ Million USD

About DuckDuckGo Company

Duckduckgo is an internet privacy search engine that allows people to search without any trade-offs of their personal information. It is a US-based search engine company. Gabriel Weinberg founded Duckduckgo on 29th February 2008 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The headquarters of duckduckgo is in Paoli, Pennsylvania, United States.

The CEO of DuckDuckGo is Gabriel Weinberg.

The Company Duck Duck Go Inc. owns DuckDuckGo.com. The major investors of duckduckgo are Kal Vepuri, Jim Young, Jeff Miller, Scott Banister, Joshua Steelman, and Union Square Ventures. According to data, DuckDuckGo has over 3 Billion monthly searches, 5 Million monthly downloads on mobiles and laptops, and 130 team members with a rating of 4.8 on Google and Apple Store.

About DuckDuckGo Company History

Read about DuckDuckGo Company History below and know years that changed the History of DuckDuckGo:-

2008 – DuckDuckGo began as an idea for a better search engine experience. Within a year, DuckDuckGo was announced to the hacker news and the Reddit communities.

2010 – DuckDuckGo decided to make a bold move and left tracking of the search history of their users as they considered tracking as creepy.

2011 – The company announced its tagline, “Google tracks you. We won’t”. Since the company received many investments, the company decided to return something, so they made some donations. Finally, DuckDuckGo moved out of Gabriel’s basement to their fortress in Paoli, PA.

2012 – DuckDuckGo reaches 1 Million searches a day, has steadily grown from 100 to 1000 to 10,000 to 1,00,000, and finally to 1,000,000, which is more than 10 searches a second.

2013 – 483 days after reaching 1 Million, the company doubled its daily searches. This milestone happened days after people started sharing private alternatives in the wake of NSA revelations. Just 8 days after their 2 Million searches per day, the company added another million to it.

2014 – DuckDuckGo launched a redesigned search engine with a refined look and focus on smarter answers and, of course, with no tracing of search history. Apple included DuckDuckGo in Safari. Mozilla also added duckduckgo as a built-in search option for firefox. 

2015 – Boom! Duckduckgo reached 10 Million searches in a day (10,210,082 to be exact). To celebrate this, the company distributed tons of DuckDuckGo T-shirts.

2016 – DuckDuckGo concluded 2016 with over 4 Billion anonymous searches and surpassed the cumulative count of 10 billion.

2017 – DuckDuckGo reached over 20 million searches in a single day.

2018 – DuckDuckGo extended privacy protection beyond the search box with the launch of a new mobile application & browser extension, available on all major platforms.

2019 – DuckDuckGo map and local searches were anonymously enhanced by Apple maps, providing a valuable combination of mapping and privacy. Duckduckgo also broke the record of 1 billion searches a month for the first time.

2020 – in the last two years, duckduckgo flew from 25 Billion searches to a whopping 50 Billion searches.

About DuckDuckGo Services

DuckDuckGo privacy browser has the speed that users need and the browsing features that users expect (like tabs & bookmarks) and comes packed with the best in class privacy essentials. The mission of DuckDuckGo is to show the world that protecting privacy is simple. For over a decade, DuckDuckGo has created new technology and has worked with policymakers to make online privacy simple and accessible for all.

Duckduckgo provides many privacy services like

● DuckDuckGo announced the beta release of DuckDuckGo’s email protection. The free email forwarding service removes email trackers and protects the privacy of the user’s email address without asking to change email services or apps.

● Over the time, DuckDuckGo app has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Its search engine has increased to 55 percent, and it has also become the #2 search engine mobile in Australia, the US, Canada, and other countries.

● To stop cross-site trackers, people can prevent them from actually loading in their browsers, which is a critical blocking feature that is provided in all in one privacy browser extension & mobile browser.

● DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar is a best-in-class, automatically generated data set about trackers that have been made available for research and generating blocklists.

● DuckDuckGo has also launched DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly, a curated newsletter highlighting important privacy improvements and sharing reliable advice to protect users.

About DuckDuckGo Benefits

Read about DuckDuckGo Benefits below and know the benefits offered by DuckDuckGo to its users:-

  1. Search privately:- Duckduckgo’s private search engine comes built-in, so people can search the Internet without being tracked.
  2. Enforce encryption:- It forces sites to use an encrypted (HTTPS) connection where available, protecting data from prying eyes like from unwanted snoopers and internet service providers.
  3. Decode privacy:- Each site visited by users gets a Privacy rate (A-F) so people can see how protected they are at a glance and can even dig into the details of how DuckDuckGo caught the trackers.
  4. Escape online tracking:- It automatically blocks hidden third-party trackers lurking on the website that people visit, which stops the companies behind those trackers from collecting and selling data.
  5. Privacy preference with GPC:- Global Privacy Control (GPC) is built into the browser to automatically help people across legal opt-out rights. This tells the websites not to sell or share their personal information.
  6. Email protection:- Duckduckgo blocks all the email trackers and hides the user’s IP address.