About Ebay

about ebay
FounderPierre Omidyar
REGISTRATION DATE3rd September,1995
CATEGORYE- commerce
TRAFFIC750+ Million/Month
WORTH50+  million USD

About EBay Company

An American multinational e-commerce company eBay Inc. was founded by Pierre Omidyar on September 3, 1995. eBay was founded and headquartered in San Jose, California, United States.

EBay is an American multinational e-commerce company, provide you with business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer sale features through its online website. The eBay subsidiaries are Auction Co.,mobile.de, Gmarket, GittiGidiyor, Den Bla Avis A/S, StubHub, and More.

About EBay Services

eBay, an e-commerce company, provides various services and products for its subscribers. eBay builds a bridge to boots selling and buying through its products and services.

The products and services of eBay stated below with a short description.

  • eBay Stores Markdown Manager:

eBay provides eBay Stores Markdown Manager tool that is exclusively developed to help the sellers to boost their sales. eBay Stores Markdown Manager tool allows its users to slash products price to promote the savings to the client.

Sellers can use these selling features to schedule specific categories or fixed-priced categories.

  • E-mail Marketing Improvements:

eBay Stores offer E-mail marketing improvement feature to stay connected with buyers to build a continuous business. This on-going e-mail marketing improvement feature attracts more traffic for eBay Stores.

E-mail marketing improvement features help eBay Stores to turn their satisfied customer into their regular customer.

  • Promotion Boxes Feature:

eBay Stores provide a new feature named promotion boxes that encourage more traffic by showcasing their promised products. These promotion boxes feature also help their consumers to sign-up for the e-mail newsletter.

Sellers can offer an alternative way for their buyers by creating promotion boxes feature, which will encourage them to browse sellers’ stores.

  • Free Shipping:

eBay Stores now provide a “Free Shipping” option for their local buyers. Sellers can utilize this free shipping option by checking the Free Shipping filter while they post their listing.

In case of sellers have international shipping, they can use this service to provide free shipping feature for their local buyers only. Buyers can enjoy this feature while they did any search and browse results.

  • eBay MapIt:

eBay provides eBay mapIt that helps both local buyers and sellers to boosts their buying and sales. Buyers can get information about the product’s location by using the eBay MapIt tool.

Sellers also can be benefited through eBay MapIt if they want to sell bulky items, and don’t even have to ship their products to the clients.

  • eBay’s My World:

eBay community provides My World Page for its users. eBay community users can build their profile pages as well as blogs to showcase their profile and products.
You can add your reviews on your products by changing the layout. You can also showcase your interest through eBay My World service.

  • eBay’s fundraising course:

eBay provides a fundraising course in its Education Specialist Program. This course teaches the sellers how to sell for fundraising, and donate the exact amount from their sales.

This course will teach the non-profits as well. The non-profits will acknowledge about how to raise funds for their organization through eBay.

  • Skype Buttons:

eBay sellers can add a Skype button to their listing. This Skype button will give buyers quick access to connect them with the sellers.
Skype button feature allows the sellers to opt-in during sell your item procedure.

  • eBay Pop:

eBay Pop is a feature that uses to track the selling items by using a fun interface. A fun interface can be of colorful content to trace your selling items.

  • eBay Deal Finder:

eBay provides a deal finder service that offers you a quick process to find big deals. eBay’s Deal Finder will find low-priced products and a dynamic layout for you.

Benefits of eBay

eBay, a multinational e-commerce company, offers various services to build a bridge to boost the selling and buying through these services. eBay provides several benefits for its users. You can enjoy the below-stated benefits by using eBay.

  • eBay Stores
  • eBay Plus
  • eBay Business Account
  • eBay Shop Subscription
  • eBay Shop UK
  • eBay Basic Seller
  • eBay Credit Card
  • eBay Top-rated Seller and
  • eBay Power Seller