About Ecosia

About Ecosia




Christian Kroll


4th October, 2009


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135+ Million/Month


1.5+ Million USD

About Ecosia Company

Ecosia is a tree planting search engine that donates 80% of the profits to non-profit organizations that focus on reforestation.  Christian Kroll founded Ecosia in 2009 in Berlin, Germany. Christian Kroll and Tim Schumacher own Ecosia.  

According to the official website of Nicosia, over 130 million trees have been planted, which means that every 1.3 seconds, a tree is planted. Also, it has over 15 Million active users, and over 12 million people have invested in it.

History About Ecosia

2009 – Christian founded Ecosia after a trip around the world to help him understand the problems of deforestation.

 2011 –  Ecosia won several awards for its clever concept and speedy growth in Europe and beyond.

 2014 –  Ecosia was the first German company to become a B Corporation, thanks to its social business model.

 2019 –  A planting milestone, Ecosia planted 60 million trees. That same year, Ecosia built its solar energy plant to power every search.

This was a brief story about Ecosia, now let’s know about how Ecosia was formed.

How Ecosia was founded?

Ecosia was founded by Christian Kroll, Ecosia’s CEO, in December 2009. Christian studied business administration in Nuremberg and decided to travel the world for inspiration on a business model. He visited India, Thailand and finally decided to stay in Nepal for a while to establish a local search engine that was supposed to help generate funds for local NGO projects with an average of only four hours of electricity per day. Christian soon had to abandon ‘Xabbel,’ but the idea for a search engine with positive impact stayed with him.

Christian carried on travelling and set up camp in Argentina for a few months. He learned a lot about reforestation projects in the Atlantic forest in Argentina and Brazil and read Thomas Friedman’s book “Hot, flat and crowded.” That book taught him a lot about the connection between globalization and climate change and how planting new trees could neutralize CO2 emissions on a big scale. That is when Christian realized he wanted to engage in forest reservation to help the environment. He came up with the idea of a search engine that helped finance planting and restoration projects. In late 2009, the idea for Ecosia.org was born and the tree planting search engine launched in December of that year.

About Ecosia Services

Ecosia browser is based on chromium and is as fast and Secure. It gives people an intuitive browsing experience with everything they need: tabs, private mode, history, bookmarks, and download. The protection of privacy is extremely important to Ecosia. This data protection declaration provides information on how and for what purpose they process personal data and explains the right to which people are entitled. Ecosia is aware of how important personal data is to its uses and upholds all German and European data protection provisions.

 Here are some of the features about Ecosia which makes it too unique – 

●      Planet over Profit

Their goal is to build a greener and better world for everyone, not to maximize returns for shareholders. That’s why they had made a legally binding commitment to ensure that no prophets can ever be taken out of the country. 

●      Trees

More than 25% of the world’s population relies on forest resources for their livelihoods. By planting trees, we can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife and help people by providing nutrition, employment, and education. In the long term, this leads to healthier, happier, and more economically stable communities.

●      CO2 Positive

Ecosia operates its Solar Plant to power people’s searches with 100% renewable energy. Thanks to the amazing trees they plant, each search removes around 1 kg of Co2 from the atmosphere.

●      Privacy

Forests need protection, and so does people’s privacy; that is why Ecosia doesn’t save people’s searches, doesn’t track the websites people use, and doesn’t sell any of the data to advertisers.

●      Transparency

We all know that trust has to be heard; that’s why Ecosia publishes its monthly financial reports and free planting the seeds on its website.

Benefits about Ecosia

Let’s understand the benefits about Ecosia as why people should use this search engine – 

  1. Ecosia doesn’t create personal profiles of people based on their search history; it anonymizes all searches within one week.
  2. Many Web Services collect user data to sell it without asking people’s permission. Ecosia doesn’t sell people’s data for their services to advertising companies.
  3. Ecosia protects people’s searches from potential eavesdroppers with a secure encrypted connection to ensure that nobody between them and people can see the searches.
  4. Most websites use external tracking tools like Google Analytics to optimize their services. Ecosia doesn’t use such third-party trackers to prevent others from accessing people’s searches.
  5. Ecosia only collects a small amount of data to be able to improve its services. If people want to opt-out of tracking, they can activate “do not track” in their browser’s settings.

Here is all the information about Ecosia. So, if you also want to lend your hand in reforestation and browse the internet without being tracked, then Ecosia is the best search engine for you.