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About EdX Website

A massive open online course provider, edX was founded by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in May 2012. EdX hosts online university-level courses to its worldwide students. Let’s dig about EdX for further details.

EdX, a massive open online course (MOOC), provides several courses on its website by more than 140 schools, corporations, and non-profit organizations, in which some are free of cost.

More than 18 million students are taking 2,200 courses online from EdX. edX conducts research on how people use this learning platform. As a non-profit global learning organization, edX transforms the traditional learning barriers, reimagining the educational possibilities. edX provides stackable learning experiences such as Micromasters programs with the highest quality.

edX provides online courses to support its learners at every step wherever they need to learn new things to enter the job market, or seek a promotion, or change their job fields. EdX removes the barriers of educational costs, access, location, process, etc. It also provides courses on various topics, from leadership and communications to data & computer science.

EdX online courses are available in Catalan, Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Hebrew, Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Thai, Ukrainian, and Spanish language.

About EdX Services

Previously we discussed edX, now let’s talk about the services of EdX. EdX developed innovative online programs in Professional Certificates and Micromasters programs that are potential enough to change your career with most in demands fields. edX will help you to build your life with skills and professional certificates.

EdX provides its online services to deliver below-stated courses.

  • Online Master’s Degrees

EdX Offers online Master’s degree courses from top-ranked institutes, and available in the cheapest cost than the traditional on-campus degrees.

  • Professional Certificates

The industry-leading experts deliver professional courses for job-specific skills to help learners to skill-up into a new area in key fields. edX’s professional courses provide executive knowledge, which will help to get success in modern business platforms.

  • Programming

edX provides following programming courses for its worldwide students such as HTML Courses,

Python Courses, Blockchain Courses, DevOps Courses, Java Courses, App Development Courses, and Cloud Computing Courses.

  • Business

The Business courses provide by edX are Marketing Courses, Finance Courses, Accounting Courses, Supply Chain Management Courses, and

International Business Courses.

  • Management

edX Offers several Management courses for its students, such as Leadership Courses, Data Analysis Courses, Business Analysis Courses, Innovation Courses, and Business Ethics Courses.

  • Communication

Several communication courses provided by edX are Grammar Courses, Writing Courses, Languages Courses, Chinese Courses, ESL Courses, and Spanish Courses.

  • Science Courses

edX delivers some specific science courses for worldwide students. These are Physics Courses, Biology Courses, Chemistry Courses, and Climate Change Courses.

  • Engineering

edX delivers several Engineering courses for its learners, such as Urban Planning Courses, Mechanical Engineering Courses, Geology Courses, Structural Engineering Courses, and Electronics Courses.

  • Energy Courses

You can take any of the energy courses that are offered by edX, such as Solar Energy Courses, Renewable Energy Courses, Environmental Science Courses, Astronomy Courses, and Human Anatomy Courses.

Benefits Of Using EdX Website

You will get various benefits by taking online courses on edX. The benefits of edX professional education are stated below.

  • EdX Professional Education

edX professional education courses increase the marketability of its students in the job market by adding new skills and certificates of its students’ resume.

  • On your scheduled

edX provides its online courses are available throughout the year so that you can have options and flexibility to choose from the offered courses according to your needs.

  • Saves travel costs

edX provides online courses that you can undertake from anywhere of your home comfort. You don’t need to travel abroad to take a degree that saves your travel costs as well.

  • More affordable

edX provides numerous university courses at a fraction of cost than the on-campus degrees. Some courses are free of costs as well.

  • Added value.

edX delivers several courses that are come with Continuing Education (CEUs), tangible products, certifications, and more that provide you with an institutional branded certificate.