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About Fandom Website




Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starlings


11th October, 1996*


Entertainment Website






750+ Million/Month**


25+ Million USD***

About Fandom Website

Fandom is an American wiki hosting service, also known as Wikia. Its domain is operated by Fandom, Inc. Fandom was founded on October 18, 2004, in San Francisco, California by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starlings.

Fandom uses Mediawiki, an open source wiki software. Fandom has a global audience of over 200 million per month and more than 400 thousand communities. It is completely a fan-trusted source in entertainment with a home to more than 50 million pages.

About Fandom Services

Fandom is one of the global entertainment media brand, which is powered by fan passion. It is a home to explore, contribute, and celebrate the world’s pop culture. To start using Fandom, the first thing you just need to do is create an account. Creating an account on Fandom gives you identity in the Fandom community.  After being a part of the Fandom community, you will be able to edit and contribute to almost any page across Fandom.

  • About Fandom Wikis

Wikis are just like a database, collaboratively developed by a community of users, where they can edit and add the content. Wikis on Fandom consist of online encyclopedias, each one specializing in a particular subject. The main purpose behind Wikis in the Fandom community is to cover information and discussions on a particular topic on a much deeper level than what can be found anywhere else on the internet. Top wikis on the Fandom page are updated continuously as per the user response. You can explore about Fandom wikis on their main website.

  • About Fandom Entertainment News

Being an online entertainment media website, it is totally focused on movies and television. It covers pop culture news, fan topics, and utilizes volunteer contributors called Fandom Contributors. They produce articles working with an expert editorial team employed by Wikia ( Fandom). News about video games, Television shows, movies, personality-driven interviews, talk shows is held on their official YouTube channel. Some popular shows include Charting with Dan, The evolution of, Panel to screen, Movie reviews, Fandom Uncovered, etc.

  • About Fandom Games

It is a computer game-based studio focused on creating games for desktop and mobile. It also provides wikis about the games and their news. Individuals engage in creating entertainment applications and wikis which are enjoyed by gamers all across the world. The gaming footers have brought up the communities for gamers together on Fandom.

  • About Fandom Movies, TV and Video

News and wikis about the movies industry, Television industry, and latest popular videos across the social networking sites. All the fan-based science fiction, TV industry-related videos are also published on Fandom.

  • About Fandom Community Support

It is a community-based website. Anyone may edit an existing article or create news, wikis, or posts on Fandom. Everyone can work together to make Fandom a better place tomorrow and expand this knowledge base.

If you are really interested in joining the Fandom squad, you can join the Fandom team. On the Fandom careers page, you can find the perfect place to find opportunities and explore your hidden talents in front of the world. You can even apply to any of the desired jobs as per your skills and be a part of the global community across the Fandom world.

Benefits of Using Fandom Website

Fandom is completely a fan’s voice in the entertainment industry. It is a place where the fans can discuss, find and share knowledge on any topic.

Let’s know about Fandom and its benefits in brief:-

  • You can share everything you know, let it be your passion, knowledge, information, or news from the source. You can just sign up, edit, start a page, or a wiki.
  • You can find communities on Fandom that share and appreciate your fandom. You can even edit or add to any wiki.
  • Discovering the world of fandom by finding topics on Tv, Movies, games, news, and many more.
  • Properties such as Gamepedia, D&D beyond, Cortex RPG, Muthead, Futhead, etc can be explored and worked with.
  • You can customize your feed by choosing topics you care about.
  • Not a single trending news, videos, reviews, exclusives, feature stories are missed.
  • You can get notified when ‘OMG! Moments’ happen within your favorite fandom.
  • You can easily share articles with your friends and families through the mail, messages, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, and many more.
  • The account created by you will work for the whole Fandom. So you need to create it only once and use it on any single wiki.
  • While posting, Fandom has wonderful videos from which you can walk through the basics of editing text on the Fandom page.
  • Entertainment and stress relief through cheering and socializing on Fandom.
  • Connections are established
  • Enhanced wiki tools and user interfaces
  • Well-defined course structure for using fandom. The syllabus and classes are all distributed in a proper manner just like we have in Online educational courses.
  • Trustworthy and resourceful news and wikis
  • You can also get official Fandom, wiki partnership if requested
  • If you have any query you can anytime visit the Help center on the Fandom website and search for answers to your questions from a list of all frequently asked questions (FAQs).

As the fans are the domes of the entertainment industry, i.e. without whom the architecture of the entertainment industry is incomplete. In a similar manner, Fandom is wholly incomplete without its fans. These fans are the world’s best contributors to fandom, who communicate, contribute and interact with the world. Fandom can grow around any human interest area and activity. These conversations by contributors cater to genres such as the interests of common people in areas such as Films, comics, anime, television, shows, and other trends.

Whether looking for in-depth information on the favorite topics, fandom is the best platform to seek the solution for it. Fandom is available on Desktop as well as the mobile apps. These apps make you know about the entertainment world in a quick and easy manner. You can get all the fan feed info all at a place in the customized feed by you and other fans just like you. To know more about Fandom, you can visit their official page.


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Disclaimer: Data given in the table at the beginning are subject to change, please check the reference websites for latest  value.