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Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake


22nd November, 2003*


Photography Website






50+ Million/Month**


6.5+ Million USD***

About Flickr

Flickr is a media platform used for uploading, organizing, and sharing digital media such as photos and videos. The founders of Flickr are Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, the company was founded on February 10, 2004. Currently, the CEO of the company is  Don MacAskill. The headquarters of the company is in San Francisco, California, U.S. The parent organization of Flickr is SmugMug. 

According to some reports, Flickr has over 60 million monthly users along with over 100 million registered Flickr photographers. Let’s learn more about Flickr.

About Flickr Services

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. On Flickr, members upload photos, share them securely, supplement their photos with metadata like license information, geo-location, people, tags, etc., and interact with their family, friends, contacts, or anyone in the community.

Practically all the features on Flickr’s various platforms — web, mobile, and desktop — are accompanied by a longstanding API program. Since 2005, developers have collaborated on top of Flickr’s APIs to build fun, creative, and gorgeous experiences around photos that extend beyond Flickr.

Flickr processes millions of photos and videos every day, with billions of photos already online. They serve billions of page views and more than 7 billion API requests monthly for more than 100 million registered photographers. As part of SmugMug Inc, Flickr provides market-leading employment benefits, including generous HSA and retirement contributions.

Flickr has announced two types of accounts for its users, let’s learn about Flickr accounts –

About Flickr Free Account

Free accounts will soon be limited to 1,000 photos or videos. Flickr isn’t Flickr without the contributions and participation of their free members, and they remain committed to a vibrant free offering. If you are a free member with more than 1,000 photos or videos, you will have ample time to upgrade to Pro or download your photos and videos.

About Flickr Pro Account

Flickr Pro is a paid membership that gives you an enhanced experience across Flickr and includes powerful tools for managing your photos. Flickr Pro is better than ever.

For only per year, get unlimited storage, ad-free browsing, advanced stats, an unmatched community, and more.  images display at resolutions up to 5K. Flickr Pros now receive priority assistance from their new world-class support team. All-Pro members are eligible for priority exposure in the next iteration of Explore.

About Flickr API

With over 5 billion photos (many with valuable metadata such as tags, geolocation, and Exif data), the Flickr community creates wonderfully rich data. The Flickr API is how you can access that data. Almost all the functionality that runs flickr.com is available through the API.

And the API is completely free to use, as a service to their members as well as developers and other integrators, so they can create even more ways to interact with photos beyond flickr.com.

Benefits of using Flickr

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits about Flickr –

  1. Flickr is home to billions of photos and millions of groups of passionate photographers.
  2. You can browse with ease, select and organize hundreds of photos with one gesture, and share in seconds.
  3. It allows you to edit your photos, add filters, crop images, and add more things to your pictures.
  4. You can see which of your photos are trending now, and which have performed the best over the life of your Flickr Pro account.
  5. The only limit is your imagination. You can upload as many photos as you can take, always at true full resolution.
  6. All content on Flickr, whether public or private, has to be appropriately moderated using their safety and content filters.
  7. Flickr makes it possible to post content hosted on Flickr to other websites. Pages on other websites that display content hosted on Flickr must provide a link from each photo or video back to its page on Flickr. 

This was all about Flickr; about Flickr services and benefits that have made it one of the most popular websites in the world.


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Disclaimer: Data given in the table at the beginning of the article are subject to change, please check the reference websites for latest value.