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About IMDb Website

IMDb, an acronym for Internet Movie Database. It is an online database of information about films, TV programs, video games, streaming content, home videos, biographies of cast, crew, and production members, fan comments, ratings, trivia, and reviews.

In 1996, IMDb was incorporated in the United Kingdom, and hence became the Internet Movie Database Ltd. Later in 1998, it was owned by Amazon as its subsidiary, a private company. This gave IMDb the ability to pay its shareholders, salaries and Amazon used it as an advertising resource for selling its DVD and videotapes at that time.

About IMDb Services

IMDb is one of the most popular and authorized sources for movies, TV, and celebrity-related information. Users can watch trailers, get showtimes, buy tickets for the upcoming films of the year. You can rate or review the shows or trailers you have watched and add up the videos to your watchlist too.

You can even compare watch options to find the best place to watch any title. IMDb also takes you to the world of behind the scene moments, exclusive IMDb originals, celebrity interviews, and many more. You can stay up to date with entertainment news, events, and awards.

The IMDb is continuously growing beyond its original purpose day by day. Information on IMDb comes from a variety of sources including film studios, filmmakers, on screens, or other official sources. But much of the information comes from IMDb users themselves.

Users can submit information and facts through a wiki-style format. The information submitted by users is always authenticated before being published on the official website. IMDb website also allows users to report errors or mistakes on the site so that they can be fixed.

On IMDb, films and shows are provided with an overall rating out of ten. These ratings are generated from the votes submitted by IMDb users. All registered users can submit ratings between one-ten for any film. IMDb never discloses these votes by individuals. The overall rating is the average of all the user scores.

For fans, who aren’t able to decide what to watch and where to watch, they offer local movie showtimes, ticketing, critic and user reviews, trailers, and personalized recommendations from their end. IMDb creates new original content for its viewers, IMDb shows, IMDb briefs, casting calls, and many more daily topical views. Certain titles in the IMDb are available to stream for free with ads for US customers with an IMDb account via IMDb TV.

To gain access to many features on IMDb, it is required to sign up on IMDb using your email address linked to either your Amazon, Facebook, Google, or Apple account. IMDb has its own IMDb pro program which is one of the essential resources for the entertainment industry professionals. After signing up, you can contribute to IMDb, add data that will be seen by millions of people around, and can earn cool badges too.

One of the benefits about IMDb is that the IMDb pro program is one of the valuable tools for screenwriters, movie lovers, filmmakers, development executives, etc. Through IMDb pro, you can showcase your talent, stay informed, get connected, and discover new opportunities on IMDb.

IMDb pro is useful as well as affordable. It is available in 2 offers of an annual subscription of ₹364 ($5.00 USD) per month and a monthly subscription of ₹583 ($7.99 USD) per month. You can also avail of a 30-day trial before purchasing the actual subscription.

In addition to the IMDb website, the mobile application of IMDb is also available for Android as well as iOS devices. Recently, the support for Amazon Kindle fire devices has been successfully generated by the IMDb.

Benefits of  Using IMDb

  • Information about IMDb and millions of television programs, series, and movies.
  • The content is provided free of cost for watching, i.e. without a subscription. Users can watch full-length movies, TV shows for free. It is also for non-commercial use.
  • You can get answers, jog your memory about a movie, show and browse information about the shows and movies you love.
  • You can showcase yourself on IMDb and prime video through the IMDb pro program. You can even manage photos and credits you are known for.
  • Get connected with over 300000 industry professionals and companies. Find their contacts and represent your talent.
  • You can build a shareable list of titles and people for leveraging advanced search.
  • Stay connected anytime anywhere through the mobile app for iOS as well as Android devices.
  • Share your entertainment knowledge, opinions with the largest community. Get connected across connections.
  • Using IMDb pro, you can stay informed about the box office performance, IMDb data trends, daily industry news, etc.
  • STAR meter, MOVIE meter, and COMPANY meter ranking and tracking over time.
  • Casting directors and Filmmakers can also directly cast the talents by posting the Notices in the casting notice section.
  • Matches for the roles can be discovered using database searching from over 6 million people.
  • 24-hour customer service from the team to its members. You can even mail regarding any query.

Certain pages on IMDb are called ‘Enhanced pages’. These are special pages showcasing new titles or popular shows or titles found on IMDb. Enhanced pages appear only for a limited time period. After this period gets over, they return to normal IMDb page appearance. These enhanced pages also have moving backgrounds, video or animation effects, and sometimes sounds too. What exact features you see depends on your location and the settings for the browser.

Recently, IMDb has partnered with many companies such as Exhibitor Relations, Co.  (ERC), Famous Frames, Motion Picture Association (MPA), Motion Picture and Television Archive (MPTV),  Writers Guild of America (WGA), and Wirelmage. Their aim behind partnerships is to expand and revolutionize the IMDb to stand out to be the best in Entertainment Industry, its clients, and other Global businesses.

These companies bring out many exciting features about IMDb, which we experience today such as best photographs, collections, stories, graphics, visuals, cinematography, and emerging artists in every field combine these features which then turn out into a unique idea. Hence, connect with IMDb and connect with the world!


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