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Bruce Livingstone


6th January, 2000


Photography Website






35+ Million/Month


5+ Million USD

About iStockPhoto Website

iStockPhoto is an online and International level micro stock photography provider founded by Bruce Livingstone in May 2000. It began charging money in 2001 and become a profitable organization around the world.

On February 9, 2006, the firm was acquired by Getty Images. The site continued to function independently with the benefits of Getty Images. iStock created the crowd-sourced stock industry and became the original source for user-generated stock photos, vendors and Illustrations, and video clips.

iStockPhoto by Getty Images has grown from a 6 person startup to one of the global players in the photography industry. It has now hundreds and thousands of employees working under it and over 160000 global contributors from the world. They are still moving in the industry of imagery as their passion for many years.

About iStockPhoto Services

For about more than 15 years, iStockPhoto has been giving an open platform for artists to make money with their passions by licensing their stock content to businesses and individuals all around the world for use in a variety of projects. They can submit stock photos, videos, illustrations, vectors, audio files of the highest standards and high quality, which will add up to the existing collection of exciting present content.

Contributors may apply to iStockPhoto via a short quiz regarding policies, requirements, basic photography skills, knowledge, and other legal issues cases. If the applicant passes the quiz, they are eligible to upload their photos or images. Before final submission, the applicant’s sample image to bg submitted is scanned for quality, suitability, and uniqueness; then they are approved.

Each approved image is then added to the searchable database on the online platform. It can further be searched and purchased by the purchasers. The basic license agreement is required to purchase the photos online. Contributors then receive a commission between 15-40% of their sales depending upon the mentioned criteria. Currently, the company is paying almost $1 million per week to its contributors.

iStock by Getty Images is among one of the most leading stock content marketplaces. It offers millions of hand-picked premium images or photos at affordable and low prices. Their main aim is to provide the imagery which moves the hearts, minds, and opinions of people. It powers commerce, ideas, and perceptions.

Today, this agency offers a massive catalog service with high-quality photos for every need. Be it from design needs, theme need, topic need, advertisement need, or the documentary need. The best example depicting this is that we all might have seen or known the movie named as ‘The Roommate’. The background of the movie poster for the 2011 film was contributed by iStockPhoto only. Just a single image contributed to a site went up to a movie poster and reached the heights within no time.

iStockPhoto offers millions of photos, vectors, and illustrations divided into two main collections:

  1. About iStockPhoto Essentials Collection: Here, it hosts a huge selection of high-quality images for everyday design needs. Photos and contents from the most popular themes, topics are available at a very affordable price.
  2. About iStockPhoto Signature Collection: it includes a large volume of photos with artistic worth. The signatures are exclusive to iStock and hence make them more unique and less widely used. They are at a little but a higher price than essentials but are reasonable.

The main thing about iStockphoto is that they stand for creative rights knowing how everyday business affects individuals and society on one or the other level. They help people power up their careers, give them freedom of the press, and protection from journalists. In this way, they build the communities and reach out to the creative and innovative minds!

Benefits of Using iStockphoto

iStockphoto has made its remarkable and great reputation in the photography industry. It is now one of the top 5 photography agencies. Let’s list some of its features one by one.

About iStockphoto Features

  • Exclusive collection of images: it has millions of high-value and high-quality images that you won’t find anywhere else. The present collection is always tye trendy and current. World’s every topic and style-related content can be accessed here.
  • Advanced image search: users can search for any particular image using the advanced filter options like type, contributor, size, collection, shape, complexity, color, file, lightbox, and many additional filters.
  • Payment method: It accepts almost every type of payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or other online transactions. They also accept US money orders or checks.
  • Signature artist of the month: They declare a different contributing artist for each month on their website and gives the story of their art and what does it mean to them.
  • Language support: English, German, Korean, French, Spanish, Japanese, and many more languages around the world are supported.
  • FAQs: A thorough FAQ support for buyers, sellers, individual purchasers, and corporators. They update FAQs on a regular basis as when every new query appears.

About iStockphoto Program’s Motives

  1. Creativity: Empowering creative careers across the world.
  2. Freedom: Empower journalists, view their stories, and apply for editorial grants.
  3. Community: Non-profit organizations can find the resources and great support for their growth.
  4. Grants: Enables photographers to bring attention to all kinds of issues around the world and reach creative heights.
  5. Alliances: Help organizations strengthen their values and efforts.
  6. Advocacy: Ensuring a fair marketplace for all the content creators. Users can lend their voice if required.

iStockPhoto has been an industry leader for many years and a key destination for all the creators, creative business professionals. They want their communities to run the account without breaking up the bank and its laws. iStockPhoto believes that as a single word can change the world, in a similar manner, a single image can have the power to move the world. Hence, they are always looking for new collaborators and contributors to join their team and transform their lives through art.

In the era of extraordinary exceptions, iStockPhoto is looking towards creative and emerging talents all across the world. They are providing with the canvas to paint the world with their own perspective; how they imagine the world through their view and how they put it on the canvas. It is one of the greatest and biggest opportunities for the next generation to leave the image of themselves through the image itself!


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