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About Jalan.net 

Jalan.net is a travel information website where it is possible to make accommodation reservations.

About Jalan.net Founder 

The founder of Jalan.net is Recruit Holdings, it was founded in the year 2000. Currently, the CEO of the company is Masumi Minegishi.

About Jalan.net Headquarter 

The headquarters of Jalan is in Tokyo, Japan. The parent organization of Jalan is Recruit Co., Ltd.

About Jalan.net Services

Jalan.net is an online platform that lets travelers discover and book hotel accommodation in Japan. The platform also offers travel information and reviews about tourist attractions. The company claims to have a network of over 20K hotels as of June 2017.

In addition to the simple online booking of accommodation plans, day return and day-use plans offered by over 20,000 participating establishments, Jalan.net is also packed with everything to do with travel in general, such as package tours offered by travel agencies, information on 90,000 tourist attractions and events around the country, and exciting photos and reviews of destinations from members of the site.

About Jalan.net Booking Services

There are more than 20,000 participating establishments listed on the platform. You can book hotels by Jalan’s top recommendations or according to ranking based on reviews by other travelers. Not just hotels, you can also search and book ryokans (traditional Japanese inn)for reasonable rates. One of the leading travel portals in the country, Jalan also publishes recommendations of activities, restaurants, and related services.

You can search online by popular regions, or use the map to narrow down on locations in a specific area. Popular cities where you can find a hotel, villa, orrin include Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Hakone, Narita, and Sapporo.

On the booking engine online you can input the destination and check-in dates to see the list of hotels available during your travel. The search results will show all the accommodation types to help you choose the one matching your budget. There are hostels for economical travelers and premium rooms for couples and business travelers. Filter options by room type, bed type, meal, or amenities.

About Jalan.net’s Accommodations 

Accommodations refer to facilities that offer lodging and bedding. There are some facilities whose main purpose is to offer delicious meals. Accommodations in Japan include hotels, ryokan, holiday rental homes, pensions, condos suitable for family vacations and furnished with a kitchen and washer/dryer machines, weekly/monthly apartments

About Jalan.net’s Pension 

Pensions are small boarding houses, usually with a stylish western-style external appearance. Their peculiar feature is that they are family-operated, allowing guests to enjoy a homely atmosphere. Pensions are located in resort areas in many highlands, seasides, and lakes. Guest rooms are mainly western-style and are more economical compared to hotel accommodation charges.

About Jalan.net’s Hotels’ 

Hotels are accommodations possessing mainly western-style building facilities. A large hotel complex can also possess a wedding hall, shopping mall, swimming pool, and gym.

Other hotels in Japan include city hotels which are well known top-rated hotels located in city shopping districts, low-cost business hotels located about 15 minutes from train stations, resort hotels, designer hotels that have been individually designed according to a concept, hotels for couples, and capsule hotels which offer simple capsule-shaped sleeping accommodations.

About Jalan.net Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Jalan.net –

  • Quick search

If you’ve already decided on the dates and destination of your trip, please use a quick search. You will be directed to a list of accommodation facilities.

  • Confirm plan details

Check the check-in date, length of stay, number of rooms, and number of guests, then enter the time you will check-in.

  • Map search

When you click on an area of interest, you will be able to select from the most popular prefectures and regions. When you select the region you want to visit, you will be directed to a list of accommodation facilities.

  • Filter search results

You can filter search results based on the following criteria: hotel name, budget, accommodation type, room type, and hotel facilities.

  • Room details

You can check details such as your selected plan and advisory notes, room type, facilities, check-in/out times, and meals.

  • Total Fee

Total fees (including tax and service charges) per room per night, according to the number of nights and guests you have set are displayed. The fees in USD (RBM/KRW) in parentheses are just for your information.

This was all about Jalan.net; about Jalan’s services and benefits that made it one of the most popular booking websites in Japan.


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