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Petrus Kanisius Ojong and Jakob Oetama


18th December, 1995*


News and Media Website






185+ Million/Month**


2+ Million USD***

About Kompas Website

Kompas is an Indonesian national newspaper and is one of the pioneers of online media in Indonesia. Petrus Kanisius Ojong and Jakob Oetama founded Kompas on 28th June 1965. Currently, the CEO of the Kompas is Lilik Retama.

The headquarters of Kompas is in Jakarta, Indonesia. The owner of the Kompas is Kompas Gramedia Group. The sister newspaper of Kompas is Kontan.

According to some reports, Kompas had an average circulation of 500,000 copies per day, and the average number of readers reached 1,850,000 people per day. Let’s learn more about Kompas.

About Kompas Services

At first, Kompas Online or KOL which was accessed with the address Kompas.co.id only displayed replicas of the Kompas daily news published that day. For more than 50 years, Kompas has accompanied Indonesia by providing the latest, accurate and reliable news.

The aim is to provide services to Kompas daily readers in places that are difficult to reach by the Kompas distribution network. With the presence of Kompas Online, Kompas daily readers, especially in eastern Indonesia and abroad, can enjoy Kompas daily on the same day, no need to wait a few days as usual.

Furthermore, to provide maximum service, in early 1996 the address of Kompas Online was changed to www.kompas.com. With the new address, Kompas Online is becoming more and more popular for loyal readers of Kompas daily abroad.

On May 29, 2008, this news portal rebranded itself as Kompas.com, referring back to the Kompas brand, which has been known to always present meaningful journalism. News channels added. The productivity of news presentations is increased to provide updated and actual information to the readers. 

The rebranding of Kompas.com wants to emphasize that this news portal wants to be present among the readers as a reference for good journalism amid the rapid flow of information that is not clear.

About Kompas Cyber Media

Seeing the great potential of the digital world, Kompas Online was developed into a separate business unit under the banner of PT Kompas Cyber ​​Media (KCM) on August 6, 1998. Since then, Kompas Online is better known as KCM. In this era, KCM visitors no longer only get a replica of the daily Kompas, but also get updates on the latest news developments that occur throughout the day.

KCM visitors are increasing rapidly along with the growth of Internet users in Indonesia. Accessing information from the Internet has now become an inseparable part of our daily lives. The digital world continues to change from time to time. KCM also improved itself. 

About Kompas’ Kontan Newspaper

Kontan is a business and financial regular publication in Indonesia published by PT Grahanusa Mediatama, owned by Kompas Gramedia. The Kontan consists of two distinct publications: daily newspaper and weekly tabloid-kind newspaper, as well as an online portal. 

About Kompas.id App

Kompas.id brings you Kompas’ award-winning journalism at the palm of your hand. It lets you experience new ways to enjoy the latest news through Kompas.id’s unique features.

Benefits of using Kompas

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Kompas – 

  1. You can read about football news, fixtures for Indonesian League, Italian League, Champions League, Premier League, Spanish League, Bundesliga, World Cup, World Cup
  2. It gives you information about technology news, Android iOS apps, the internet, gadgets, smartphones, reviews, startups, e-business.  e-commerce
  3. You can also read about business news, macro microeconomics, capital market, currency exchange, investment, bank, fintech, entrepreneurship
  4. Also read about lifestyle news, fashion, healthy food, trends, health, sneakers, watch, beauty, facial care
  5. It also gives you information about vehicles like motorcycle news, tips, and tricks for maintaining vehicles, buying and selling prices for new used motorcycles, test drives

This was all about Kompas; about Kompas services and its benefits that have made it one of the largest national Indonesian-language newspapers in Indonesia.


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