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Manuel Fernández-Cuesta


12th March, 1997*


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200+ Million/Month**


4.5+ Million USD***

About Marca Company

Marca is a national daily sports newspaper. It is a Spanish-based newspaper company that focuses predominantly on football both national and international, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and lifestyle. Marca was founded by Manuel Fernández-Cuesta on 21 December 1938 in Madrid, Spain. Currently, the editor of the company is Juan Ignacio Gallardo.

The headquarters of  Marca is in Avenida de San Luis, 25, 28033, Madrid, Spain. Marca is owned by Unidad Editorial. The sister newspapers of Marca are El Mundo and Expansion. 

According to the official reports, Marca has more than 13 million digital users, 1.9 million users on paper, and a total of 372 million in radio Marca. Also, on Twitter and Facebook, Marca has more than 9 million active users. Let’s learn a bit more about Marca.

About Marca Services

Marca has the second-highest circulation of all newspapers. Published 7 days a week and focusing on all national and international sports, especially football is widely regarded as a must-read by sports fans across Spain, with excellent coverage of Madrid, Andalucía, Catalunya & Valencia. The high quality of its editorial content, as well as its effective distribution system, ensures that Marca retains its number one position in readership and the lowest cost per thousand compared to all its daily competitors.

Marca is complemented by its online version Marca.com and Radio Marca, both leaders in the Spanish sports market and Marca TV. For 80 years, has Marca been providing sports information; it has been present in historical moments, telling the best stories and achievements of the athletes. Nowadays, Marca has become the undisputed leader in sports information and also in the daily press.

Marca is supported by millions of readers and users that confirm the ability to inform and entertain every type of target. Moreover, Marca has become the sports media with the most participation in social networks thanks to their followers. With millions of readers, Marca is the leader of dailies and sports dailies in Spain, offering maximum multimedia coverage (press+radio+digital) and with a huge number of unique followers.

Marca multichannel offers the best coverage for the most desired profile, even compared to more massive media. Marca offers different informative possibilities in the press, radio, and digital media, always with the maximum quality. Those who want to enjoy and share prefer their content. A great content offer for a minding audience. Marca is always available regardless of the place.

About Marca App

Marca Mobile App gives access to sports news and competition results with the fast loading speed and smooth browsing. In the palm of your hand you have: The latest sports hour, Personalized information about your favorite team, Urgent news alerts, Sports results, Live broadcasts, and TV programming.

Lets check about Marca app’s features:-

Features of Marca App

★ Sports news in real-time: Access football information and the rest of the sport updated to the minute.

★ Live sports: Live football, basketball, tennis matches, and the main sports competitions live.

★ Urgent notifications: Receive instant alerts of breaking news from the world of sports and general information.

★ Personalized information: Adapt notifications to receive urgent alerts for your favorite sport and team.

★ TV Agenda: Easily consult sports TV programming for today and the next few days.

★ Sports scores: Get to know the results of football and all sports matches and the classification in all competitions.

★ News to read later: Save the news that interests you most in Favorites to read it whenever you want.

★ Without an online connection: Enjoy without being connected to the internet of your favorite news

Benefits of using Marca

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Marca – 

1. Latest sports news

Quick and easy access to all brand sports sections: football, basketball, motor, tennis, cycling, sports center,  brand Cars, golf. You will also be able to enjoy information on the main sports competitions such as LaLiga  Santander, LaLiga Smart Bank, Champions League, ACB Liga Endesa, NBA, or the Formula 1 and MotoGP  Championships.

2. Information about your favorite team

You will have always at hand access to the information of your favorite team and its latest results.

3. Push Alerts

With the brand app installed you will receive instant notifications of the main alerts in the sports world and the most urgent news. You can also customize notifications and decide the sports and team alerts that most interest you.

4. Offline reading

Save the news that you cannot read as a favorite to access at the time that best suits you. In  addition, you can access this information without an internet connection.

5. Live broadcasts

All matches of the First Division, Second Division, Champions League, the NBA, ACB, the F1, and MotoGP Grand Prix, or the Grand Slams are broadcast live. The sporting events that are broadcast live have up-to-the-minute information on results and standings, line-ups, and other metrics.

This was all about Marca; about Marca’s services and benefits that made Marca, the second best-selling sports newspaper in Spain.


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