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Evan Williams


27th May, 1998*


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150+ Million/Month**


9+ Million USD***

About Medium Company

Medium is an American online content publishing platform. It was developed and launched by Evan Williams in August 2012. It is completely a privately held company that is owned by Medium Corporation itself. Medium.com is the only platform on the internet where writers and bloggers write and post their content and get paid straight away.

Currently medium has approximately 200 million readers per month and over 100000 writers producing content every day. Medium is one of the never-ending sources for interesting content.

About Medium Services

Medium.com is a fantastic platform for a huge variety of writers, poets, and all types of artists from around the globe. Medium is not at all mudded up with annoying ads or promotional messages. You can share your stories, articles, and many more things in front of the world. If you’re planning to earn money through blogging, the medium will be a perfect start for you.

Anyone can write on medium. you can create a space for your thinking and fly it off across the world. Medium just needs is a living network of curious minds. May you be the thought leaders, journalists, experts, individuals, or a businessman, all your unique perspectives are warmly welcomed. You can learn along with the writing from a wide range of experienced authors. It is one of the excellent places for writing with a truly engaged and supportive community online. Medium is one of the platforms where ideas are born, shared, and spread in a pure form.

It is free to sign up on Medium and join the medium partner program. You can then connect your bank account to Stripe gateway and start earning money using your unique contents. If you are just interested in reading, then you can view 3 articles per month for free. You can also subscribe to the medium by paying $4.99/month or can avail $50/year subscription for unlimited access.

In the Medium partner program, writers are paid based on how deeply Medium members read their work. As the reading time of members is more, the writers are paid more. A portion of each member’s subscription fee is distributed each month to the writers they read the most.

Medium also offers a ‘publications’ platform. These are distributing posts carrying blog posts, articles like newspaper or magazine. The articles are saved and published. They can be assigned to editors and also be saved as drafts. Getting your work published in the medium is one of the most appreciated tasks. Having a publication is also one of the ways to email your followers directly. For your work to get published, it is important that you are accepted as a writer from Medium. After you are approved, you can start publishing.

You can also highlight your username or link other people to your stories. The medium allows linking directly to other people or authors on your content. This is very easy to use, just type ‘@’ along with the person’s name or username you want to mention. You can see people’s searchable names on the web address too, i.e. on their profile as if in,  ‘medium.com/@abcd123’.

You can also edit your content or personalize it using a variety of keyboard shortcuts offered by the medium itself. Adding links or hyperlinks can also be done. Medium.com has a built-in applet from Unsplash. Here you can find the copyright-free images for using your own titles or within the content. Just click on the ‘+’ icon and you can add the image. You can also add images of your own from the same icon.

About Medium Features

Some of the exciting features about medium are listed below

  • Top Writer: It is a kind of badge of honor for writing from the medium. It depicts that you have performed well and getting enough views on a specific subject that you’re amongst the top 50 most-read articles of the authors. It depends on some criteria, such as Number of hits, more reading time by users, etc
  • Partner program: It is the medium’s compensation program for its writers. Program writers are paid based on how deeply the members read and appreciate their work.
  • Follow your interest: Members can even follow the topics of their interest and receive notifications regarding their updates. This helps in sorting the topics of your choice in one place.
  • Explore: Users can explore personalized, ad-free recommendations, find and follow the writers or publications and dive deeper into any topic. You can bookmark posts for later reading and can even join the conversation on stories.
  • Devices support: medium supports on both smartphones as well as desktops. You can download the medium app on your phone, tablet, or iOS device and can also access it through the website from your laptops or desktops.
  • Model for digital publishing: Medium is one of the models for digital publishing. It supports all kinds of complexity, nuance, and storytelling to its members.

About Medium Benefits

Our ideas and thoughts when exchanged with the world, they further emerge as a new idea when combined with other’s ideas. These ideas form a perfect and colorful butterfly that can reach different flowers of the world and spread happiness and satisfaction among them. This colorful butterfly flies across the globe contributing positivity and connections everywhere.

So, the Medium is among one those butterflies which spread these ideas from the insightful and dynamic thoughts of the writers. The purpose behind the Medium is the reach of information and knowledge to all and deepen the understanding of the world.

Medium is an open environment for everyone. Innovative minds can come and build deeper connections between the readers and writers. This is the platform that can lead to discovery as well as growth. With millions of collaborators from around the world, you can engage, learn, implement and interact each and every day.

The moments of happiness of learning and giving satisfaction to users can be created here. It is a vibrant ecosystem just like our earth, which is fueled by ideas and thoughts of people and run by the readers operating them.


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