About Microsoft

About Microsoft




Bill Gates, Paul Allen


2nd May, 1991


Technology(Software) Website






500+ Million/Month


56+ Million USD

About Microsoft Company

Microsoft Corporation or Microsoft is an American multinational technology company that was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. It was headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States.

Microsoft manufactures, develops, supports, licenses, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, personal computers, and computer-related services. Microsoft subsidiaries are Microsoft Store, Yammer, Xamarin, GitHub, and MORE.

A Brief History of Microsoft Company (from 1972 to 2020) is given below.
• From 1972-1985: Microsoft was founded and developed.
• From 1985-1995: Microsoft created Office and Windows.
• From 1995-2007: Microsoft Foray into the Web, and developed Windows XP, Windows 95, and Xbox.
• From 2007-2011: Later developed Windows Vista, Windows 7, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Stores.
• From 2011-2014: Microsoft launched One Xbox, Windows 8/8.1, Surface devices, and Outlook.com.
• From 2014-present: It launched Windows 10, HoloLens, and Microsoft Edge.

About Microsoft Services

Microsoft online services mean that hosted technology solutions for both businesses and consumers. These services were branded under the Windows Live umbrella and offered webmail, contacts, storage, and calendar.
Microsoft Services provides a wide range of consulting and support services for the partners, consumers, and businesses.
Microsoft Products and Services are stated below.

• Outlook.
• Bing
• OneDrive.
• Devices
• Word.
• Microsoft Account
• Profile
• Excel.
• PowerPoint.
• OneNote.
• SharePoint. and
• Microsoft Teams.

Benefits of Microsoft

  1. Microsoft Universal Software

Microsoft Office Software is now compatible with Computer as well as mobile after developed Office Mobile that offers free versions of Office applications for mobile devices. Microsoft runs a web-based version of core Office apps, Office Online as part of Microsoft account.

  1. Microsoft Used by most businesses and over 1.2 billion people

Microsoft Office 365 is used as a cloud based programme by nearly 20% of the world’s population. Microsoft office 365 is being used from 87% to 91% by enterprises and 320% within enterprises.

  1. Microsoft Office 365 offers access anytime and anywhere

If you have an Office 365 login, then you can access it from anywhere. It allows you to access Microsoft Office applications on Windows, iOS, macOS, Windows 10 Mobile and Android.

  1. You can get Online Support from Microsoft

If you have an Office subscription, then you will get help from Microsoft included.

  1. Microsoft is Easy to use

Microsoft is easy to use. More or less every computer or smart mobile phone users can easily use the services or products provided by Microsoft.

  1. You can use Microsoft for Multipurpose

To manage your accounts or for analyzing business data, you can use Excel. Microsoft Word can help you with CV Writing or cover letter. You can write a business proposal or presentation by using PowerPoint.

  1. Microsoft provides Security of your Data and Information

Microsoft keeps your data and information safe in the cloud in one of Microsoft’s data centers’.

  1. You can do Tutorials on Microsoft Office

If you are looking to build your knowledge in Microsoft Office, then you just need to do is sign up to a course in your interesting subject.