About Netflix

About Netflix




Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph


11th November, 1997


Entertainment Website






2+ Billion/Month


80+ Million USD

About Netflix Company

An American production company and the media-services provider is Netflix, Inc., which was founded in August 1997. It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph and headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

About Netflix Services

Another name of streaming service is Netflix that allows its users to watch a variety of award-winning movies, TV shows, documentaries, and MORE. You can stream Netflix on thousands of internet-connected devices.

Here is a list of Netflix products and services which is stated below.

Products of Netflix:

  • Video on demand
  • Streaming media

Services of Netflix:

  • Film production
  • Television production
  • Film distribution etc.

Benefits of Netflix

If you are a subscriber of Netflix, then you can enjoy some benefits of using Netflix. Some benefits of using Netflix are stated below.

Netflix is Simple and easy to use

Netflix is very simple and easy to use. If you are a valid subscriber of Netflix, then you can use Netflix on your mobile, tablet, or in your laptop or computer. You have to go to Netflix then log in to Netflix, and there is no need for any set-up to follow.

You have to download the Netflix app for Android, then login to Netflix if you want to watch live streaming, TV shows, Movies and MORE on your smartphone. On the other hand, you have to download the Netflix app for iOS, then login to Netflix to enjoy TV shows, movies on your tablet.

No commercial Adds on Netflix

Netflix provides you with commercials, free movies or TV shows. If you select a movie or a TV show of your favourite, then there will be no interruption or commercial ads on your watch time. This service goes for the free trial as well. Netflix is absolutely commercials free.

Original program and TV shows

Netflix provides original TV shows for its users. If you subscribe to Netflix, then you can find various TV shows, movies, live streaming, original TV shows and Lot More.  

Netflix has distributed a long-range of original TV shows which include “House Of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black”, documentaries and movies as well.

You can download the content and watch it offline

Netflix offers you download content options to watch offline. You can just download your favourite items and then enjoy them in your leisure time or to enjoy boring long road trips.

Different membership plans for its users

Netflix offers three membership plans for its users. These are basic, standard and premium membership plans. You can choose your favorite plan and can upgrade it to other plans whenever you want. You can watch HD streaming on your standard membership on the contrary UHD for Netflix premium membership.

It is affordable to get any plan on Netflix

Netflix charges you $8 for your basic membership, $10 for standard membership, and $12 for a premium membership. Premium membership allows its users to watch on four screens at the same time.

Fantastic experience of using Netflix

You can watch all your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries on Netflix whenever you want. You will have a fantastic experience if you try Netflix.