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about pinterest




Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp


26th, November, 2009


Social Media Websites






1+ Billion/ Month


16+ Million USD


About Pinterest Website

Pinterest is an American Social Media Service designed to enable sharing and discovering information and ideas on the internet using image sharing, animated GIFs, and videos in the form of ‘pins’ and ‘boards’. It was founded in December 2009, i.e. 11 Years ago, and has its headquarters in San Franciso, California, United States.

Pinterest was created and founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp. As of August 2020, it has over 400 million active users. Pinterest is operated by Pinterest, Inc. It is a discover engine where you can discover a wide range of creative ideas and topics. To know more about Pinterest let’s explore it in brief.

About Pinterest Services

The creators of Pinterest summarize the platform to be completely a ‘catalog of ideas- when you know it, you see it!’ Pinterest is now the visual search engine for ideas, images, videos, information, and much more.

Pinterest mainly consists of Pins and Boards. A pin is an image linked to a particular website from which it has been uploaded. Pins are saved to one’s profile. The collections of pins form the board. Boards are usually based on a particular theme such as drawings, travel, art, knowledge, etc. Content outside Pinterest can also be saved to the board.

Pinterest aims to provide a big platform for everyone where they get inspired by the ideas for living a happy and meaningful life, to live a life that they love. It has millions and billions of ideas assembled in different genres starting from home hacks, recipes, inspiration, styles, photography, and much more.

Let’s know about Pinterest usage. Pinterest can be used by anyone at any time. Users must create their accounts via a sign-up option on Pinterest. They can sign up using their email id, Google account, or Facebook account. After signing up, they must select the topics of interest to follow.

After selecting the topics of interest, users will get results on their Home feed accordingly. Then they can open, share, pin or even try those ideas themselves. You can also save the pin you like the most and try it later on.

Users also have the privilege to edit the pins created by them. They can type in the Board, Section, and Note and just save it. Pinterest also has a visual search option, which lets users search items right inside the pin. Users can tap the icon for visual search and Pinterest automatically detects the most interesting items in the image.

Recently, Pinterest has launched the ‘Lens’ feature. Using the lens, users can search for anything related to the item on which the camera is pointed. Users can discover the ideas inspired by anything they point at. The goal of Pinterest aims with ‘connecting everyone in the world through the things they find interesting’.

Businesses and shopping websites can also promote their ideas and services through Pinterest and hence capitalize their business. Small businesses can share their products and services on Pinterest so that the people who are customers are engaged in it. People interested in it can contact them and contribute to expanding the business. Hence, Pinterest like other social media platforms can help in creating brand awareness and facilitating more website visits.

Businesses can market through Pinterest by signing up for Pinterest Business. Here people explore your brands and ideas and reach out to the world. For setting up a Pinterest business account, you first need to sign up for Pinterest company account. You can create content such as making pins, best practices, or even sign up for Pinterest for the Creators platform. You can advertise using Pinterest ads, analytics, and measurement of your audience.

Pinterest provides you with a lot of resources such as Pinterest Partners, Agency Resources, Guides and education, Company News, Tips, Recommendations, and many more. Startup businesses can even get advice from other businesses on Pinterest by joining their large network and starting a conversation with a single click. They help to provide guidelines for promoting the Brand on Pinterest, how to grow the Audience, Increase traffic, and many more.

Benefits Of Using Pinterest Website

Let’s know about benefits of using Pinterest,

● Pinterest is an open platform. It calls to all creators from around the world to join the race.
to provide exciting ideas. It is one of the best platforms for the stars to shine in the sky of creators.
● It is all easy to get started on Pinterest. Creating a profile by adding photos, location, and other details to keep you connected with the audience is very easy. Creating pins and modifying them in your account is one of the simplest tasks ever.
● Talents are always welcome here. Pinterest works for all kinds of people or businesses from content creators to retailers. It is free to use. Make pins and tell the world what you are.
● Pins can be turned into purchases even by startup businesses. Easy promoting products and expert partner support for startups.
● Receive notifications on the recent trends and updates based on the pins we saved. You can even message or directly share the pins to your contacts directly from your Pinterest inbox.
● Categorization of boards, finding popular group boards, adding the logo to the bottom of all your images. All is the fantastic and quickest job on Pinterest.
Pinterest analytics is a platform just like google analytics. It generates comprehensive and well-graphed statistics on specific website’s traffic. It gives well-defined reports and data within a specific time regarding your website.
● To help you find what interests you, Pinterest has ‘Picked for you Pins‘, which automatically selects pins as per your search and interests.

We all know that life is full of possibilities. Only the thing is to find the right what you’re looking for and make discoveries along the way. Discovering is one of the helpful tasks to get new ideas and guidelines to steer up your vehicle to success and take it in the right direction. So, Pinterest is one of the best platforms to help you discover through the visual and virtual world present inside your mobiles and desktops and get the right out of it.