About Reddit

About Reddit




Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, Aaron Swartz


29th, April, 2005


Social Media Website






1+ Billion/Month


150+ Million USD


About Reddit Website

Lets talk about Reddit! Reddit is an American Social Media platform, which allows its users to discuss and vote on content submitted by other users. It was founded on 23 June 2005 by the students of the University of Virginia. Founders of Reddit are Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, Aaron Swartz.

As of October 2020 Ranking, Reddit ranks 17th most visited website in the whole world. It was also ranked as the 7th most visited website in the United States. Reddit has over 100K active communities. Reddit has been one of the ‘Front pages of the internet’.

About Reddit Services

Reddit is home to hundreds and thousands of communities, conversations between them, and they can thus establish authentic human connections. Members who are registered on Reddit can keep up updated with the most recent trends on the internet. Users can share or submit content such as texts, posts, images, links, opinions, news, etc. These contents are then voted up or down by other members on Reddit.

The posts created by users are organized by genre in user-created boards called ‘communities’ or ‘subreddits’. Each of the subreddit covers different topics such as News, Science, Politics, Movies, Games, Videos, Music, Books, Sports, Travel, Fitness, Cooking, Pets, TV, Fashion, Health, etc. Whether you’re into breaking news or any never-ending stream of internet interests, there is always a community on Reddit for you.

Reddit is completely powered by people. People highlight the most relevant or interesting content by giving upvotes or downvotes as per their opinions. If the post gets more number of upvotes, it then moves up the Reddit ranking. Hence, more readers are able to see that post.

Otherwise, if the post gets more downvotes, it quickly falls down and soon disappears from the Reddit collection. Users can even discover viral videos, sports talks, fun stories, top memes, and many more that interest you. You can even sort these posts.

One of the interesting services about Reddit is providing ‘Karma’ points to each user. A user’s karma point reflects how much the user has contributed to the Reddit community by indicating of total votes the user earns on his or her submissions and comments. The number of posts submitted on Reddit increases their ‘Posts Karma’ and comments on the post increase their ‘Comment Karma’ points. Also, when any user’s post or comment gets upvoted, then that user gains Karma. The Karma points are displayed on the user’s profile page.

Users can post a subreddit only if you met the specific criteria as listed below:
● You need to have a Reddit account to post any subreddit.
● Your created account should at least 30 days old.
● Your account must be active.
● Your account must earn a minimum number of ‘Karma’ points.

Subreddits are managed by moderators or ‘mods’. These are the volunteers who can edit the appearance of a particular subreddit. The mods have the right to check the type of content allowed, can remove the posts, ban users from posting on subreddit.

As we use shortcuts while chatting, speaking, and sometimes interacting, in our social media sites, in a similar manner, Reddit has its own shortcut language. It is one of the most popular and fascinating things about Reddit. Let’s know some of the subreddit shortcuts one by one,
● OP: Original Poster
● TIL: Today I learned
● AMA: Ask me anything
● NSFW: Not safe for Work, etc

Subreddits are noted as /r/Subreddit name. Each subreddit is itself its own forum. You can create your own subreddits on the site by clicking on the button that says, ‘Create your own subreddit’. After creating a subreddit, the user has no right to delete it. It can only be modified, deleted, or closed down by Reddit Administrators.

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Benefits of Using Reddit Website

Let’s explore some of the Benefits about Reddit one by one,
Redditequette: The set of rules and behaviors for using the Reddit platform has been clearly defined in Redditequette. Users are required to read them thoroughly at least three times. They can come back to refresh often, as it will keep you updated and on the straight and narrow track.
Reddit Gold: It is the premium membership option that offers benefits to its users. Reddit gold costs $3.99 per month for its legacy members and $5.99 per month for its new members. Using Reddit gold, you activate a lot of features on Reddit such as creating subreddits for gold members only, turning off ads, creation of custom avatars. You can also gift gold to others.
Cake Day: Redditors commemorate their ‘cake day’ once a year, the anniversary of the day on which their account was created. On cake day, a small icon of cake slice is added next to your username.
Trending Communities: On the Reddit homepage, you can view some of the trending communities on Reddit. It shows the name of the community, the number of members, and its logo. You can join the community directly from there.
Reddit Coins: Reddit coins are just like virtual goods. You can use them to award exemplary posts or comments o subreddits. You can earn them by supporting the Reddit and encouraging favorite contributors in making Reddit better day by day. You can also award the posts using Reddit coins.

Reddit Gifts: It is an online gift exchanging platform where you can connect with internet stranger friends around the world by participating in the program. On the match day, you will be given a person’s username, you can stalk that person in a friendly way and find the perfect gift for them and just mail it off. You can also share your gifts and pictures online, and celebrate with others.
Rereddits: Memories bring back good moments to you. You can use rereddits, to look back at the top posts from the last few years. You can choose the date, month, and year and view the trending posts regarding the pics, gifts, memes, information, etc on that day from Redditors across the world.
Chat with the community: Chat and community group chat is available to Redditors using their mobile apps. It is free, secured, and the fastest source to get connected with. The chat automatically syncs to your desktop devices even if you’re using the mobile version. You can also join the chat community-wise and your interests.

If you want to know more about Reddit, just visit on their official page and explore the existing world of Redditors.