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29th November, 1994*


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About Samsung Company

Samsung is a South Korean company that ranks among the top manufacturers of electrical goods. Samsung produces various consumer and business electronics, including integrated systems, digital media players, semiconductors, and appliances.

Samsung now ranks among the most well-known tech brands and contributes to around one-fifth of South Korea’s total exports.

About Samsung Founder

The founder of Samsung is Lee Byung-Chull. The company was founded on 1 March 1938. Initially, he traded noodles and other products in and around Taegu, Korea, sending them to China and its regions.

Following the Korean War, Lee grew his company into the textile industry and established the biggest woollen factory in Korea.

Currently, Han Jong Hee is the vice chairman and CEO, and Kyung Kye Hyun is the president.

About Samsung Headquarters

The headquarters of Samsung is located in Seoul, South Korea.

Samsung Headquarters Full Address– 40th floor Samsung Electronics Building, 11, Seocho-dinero 74-Gil, Seocho District, Seoul, South Korea.

Samsung US Headquarter Address:- 85 Challenger Road Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

Samsung India Headquarter Address:- 20th to 24th Floors, Two Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon Sector 43, Gurgaon – 122002

Samsung Contact Information

Samsung Contact Number:- 1-800-5-726-7864, 1-800-40-726-7864

Samsung E-mail Address:- servicehead.in@samsung.com, support.india@samsung.com

About Samsung Subsidiaries


SAMSUNG FINE CUBES, Samsung General Chemicals, Samsung Petrochemical


 Samsung corning (TV picture-tube glass), South Korean Electro-Mechanics, Samsung electronics, Samsung SDI

Insurance and Financial

Samsung Financial, Samsung Card (Loans, cash advances, financing), Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities, Venture Investment from Samsung


Cheil Communications (Advertising), Cheil Industries (Textiles), S1 (Security systems), Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung Corp. (General trading), Samsung Engineering, Samsung Everland (Amusement parks), Samsung Heavy Industries (Machinery, vehicles), Samsung Lions (Pro baseball team), Samsung Techwin (Fine machinery including semiconductor equipment), Shilla Hotels & Resorts.

About Samsung History

1977-Acquired Korea semiconductor

1978– sold 4 million black and white TVs. Launched its first overseas office in the united states.

1979– began production of the microwave oven. Acquired Korea electronics information Co

1982– Launched 1st overseas manufacturing subsidiary in Portugal

1983– Began to produce personal computers (PCs)

1984– The company name changed to “Samsung electronic Co.Ltd.”

1989– Manufactured over 20 million color TVs.

1991– Developed mobile phone handset.               

1993– Samsung advanced institute of technology developed the first video recorder (DVD-R)

1994– developed the world’s first 256M DRAM.

1995– developed the world’s first 33″ double-screen TV

1997– The company became a worldwide Olympic partner (TOP) in wireless communications.

1998– developed a completely flat-screen TV. Olympic partner at the Nagano Winter Olympics.

1999– launched the world’s 1st MP3 mobile phone.

2002– #1 in NAND flash memory and #2 in semiconductors worldwide.

2003– #1 in global flash sale.

2005– became an official sponsor of Chelsea, the English premier league football club.

2006– became an official sponsor of the paralympic games.

2009– ranked No. 19 worldwide by Interbrand’s 2010 best global brands.

2010– launched Samsung galaxy smartphone with the android OS.

2019– Samsung celebrated its 50th anniversary

2020– Ranked top 5 in Interbrand’s best global brands 2020. Launched 6G white paper, generation 17

2022– Samsung has partnered with BTS for its 2022 campaign.

About Samsung Products

Samsung company manufactures several kinds of products. Samsung electronics manufactures LCD and LED displays, cell phones, solid-state drives, memory chips, NAND flash, televisions, digital theater screens, and laptops. Previously, the business made hard drives and printers.

 Semiconductors -Since 1993, Samsung Electronics has dominated the memory chip industry.

 Televisions -The company also produces a wide range of home appliances. Samsung launched its first full HD 3D LED television in March 2010.

 Printers: Mono laser printers, color laser printers, multifunction printers, and enterprise-use high-speed digital multifunction printer models were all produced by Samsung for both personal and professional use.

 Camera: Samsung has launched several digital camera and camcorder models, such as the WB550 camera and the ST550 dual-LCD-mounted camera. The company has since shifted its attention to more expensive goods. The firm introduced the next-generation interchangeable lens camera, the NX10, in 2010.

About Samsung Services

Samsung has created a variety of client services based on the knowledge and suggestions of its customers over the years, placing them at the center of its business.

This support network consists of the company’s multichannel strategy, including its service centers, 24/7 care line, Live Chat, my Samsung application, and Smart Care Packages, which provide individualized assistance to meet the demands of clients.

By overcoming geographic constraints, Samsung continues providing devoted clients nationwide service. There are several walk-in service centers.

Samsung Smart Service will connect consumers with Samsung-trained experts at each service center, whether they need assistance with their Samsung devices or want to get more out of their digital appliances, to ensure customers obtain prompt and effective solutions.

Samsung provides consumers with Samsung Smart Care packages as an additional means of supporting its services.

Introducing Samsung Protection Plus, which includes Samsung Smart Warranty and Samsung Screen Protection. This program adds a year to the usual warranty duration and covers one instance of a cracked screen caused by unintentional damage while still covered by the standard warranty.

Benefits of using Samsung

Benefits About Samsung Technology 

Samsung offers the most high-edge technological features currently found in any mobile phone.

Some smartphones come pre-loaded with features like GPS tracking and maps, mobile wallets, high-definition cameras, aligned displays, quick web browsing, extended memory, and multi-user interfaces.

Samsung was the first to adopt the Android OS, which has gained widespread recognition for enabling the availability of millions of applications via Google Play.

Samsung provides high-quality cooktops and ovens.

About Samsung Benefits for Environment

Samsung laundry provides clever technology and eco-friendly, dependable, cost-effective solutions while protecting the environment.

Washers and dryers that may be stacked are available in various colors and finishes, with either a top or front-loading option. Smart things app connect Samsung appliances to your home.

This is all About Samsung Company, its Services, and its Benefits.

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