About Seznam

About Seznam




Ivo Lukacovic


7th October, 1996


Search Engine Website






300+ Million/Month


2.5+ Million USD

About Seznam Company

Seznam is a search engine platform that is the first web portal in the Czech Republic. It is one of the second largest search engines in the Czech Republic. Ivo Lukacovic founded it in 1996 in Prague. The headquarters of Seznam is in Prague, Czech Republic. Currently, the company’s CE0s/ Board of Directors are Pavel Zima, Tomas Kapalin, and Ondrej Prochazka.

The parent organization of Seznam is Helifreak Limited. The subsidiaries of Seznam are Express FM, Classic Praha, and kupi.cz.

About Seznam History

Let’s unveil the history about Seznam – 

1996 – Seznam was launched as an internet catalog with the startup capital of 50,000 CZK. The catalog was divided into individual categories, including up to 1,000 websites and enabling users to search keywords. It offered a ranking of the best Czech site and a summary of the news on the Czech internet. As a result, their homepage recorded up to 10,000 hits a day.

1997 – Traffic on the homepage rose to 50,000 hits per day in just one year. The company celebrated its first birthday by introducing a full-text search known as ‘Kompas,’ which enabled the entry of queries using Czech diacritics and indexed 1.2 million sites.

1998 – The company launched its free in-house email service simply called Email. Visitor numbers continued to grow and work in the area of 80,000 heads per day. The biggest break occurred on 30th September 1998 when the limit of 1,00,000 hits a day was exceeded for the first time, making Seznam.cz the most visited Czech website.

1999 – The traffic numbers continued to grow in 1999. It increased by an incredible 321 percent. Email also gained approximately 3,00,000 clients during its first year of operation; the income also increased to 12 million Crowns.

2000 – 2000 was an important milestone in the history of the company. Seznam was transformed into a joint-stock company, and the Swedish company Spray Ventures acquired a 30% share. The company also managed to acquire a 53% market share. Now blind people also appreciated their site, and the company received a blind-friendly certificate for their service.

2001 – The Seznam Firmy service was the biggest feature in 2001. It contained 55,000 records with contact information for companies, including their financial reports, current share value, and general meeting summaries when it was launched. Seznam SMS brana, which enables users to send SMS messages free of charge.

2002 – At the beginning of the year, a record of 1.4 million people visited the site page, and the number of registered email addresses exceeded 1 million. The company also presented the brand new Auto.Seznam.cz Service, now known as Sauto.cz.

2004 – The company purchased the Email.cz service and fully integrated it into Seznam.cz Email service along with the @email.cz domain. At the end of the year, the company approached 3 million hits a month.

2005 – The company finally launched its search engine in March. The search engine used a database of 30 million within the framework of the Czech website; the monthly traffic on the home page exceeded the 3 million mark.

2006 – The Founder decided to hand over the management of Seznam.cz to Pavel Zima, who remained at the head of the company until 2016. The number of hits also grows to 3.8 million per month.

2014 – The company launched new applications for Email, TV programs, auto.cz, progeny.cz, and stream.cz.

2017 – The company celebrated 25 years of the internet with the ‘Connect‘ conference and began strengthening its profile as a media house.

2020 – The company launched a new discussion model with their out content services and shut down the Lide.cz service by the end of the year.

About Seznam Services

Seznam browser is smart and easy to use. It notifies people of new mails, translates single words and entire pages with just one tap. It is synchronized on all devices. People can easily find their passwords, bookmarks, and settings on their computers, mobile devices, and laptops. Articles and videos can easily be saved for later. They can easily be added to the homepage. Additionally, people can secure their accounts with two-step authentication, which makes every sign-in under control. It is one of the fastest leading search engines in the Czech Republic.

Seznam runs about 30 different web services and their associated brands. Some of them are
Firmy.cz for companies, Hry.cz for games, Lids.cz for people, sport.cz for sports, Super.cz for tabloids, stream.cz for original video content, horoscopy.cz for horoscope, reality.cz for real estate, auto.cz for new and used cars, Sbazar.cz for second-hand goods, maps.cz for maps, podcast.cz for weather, Sdovolena for vacations & trips, and a lot more.

About Seznam Benefits

Let’s discuss some of the benefits about Seznam – 

  1. If a company is new and wants to present a fresh product or a service, the Seznam content network is there to help them.
  2. It is a place where people can learn about a company and what services they offer.
  3. More than 95% of Czech internet users visit a Seznam website every week, which Is very suitable if a company wants traffic on their site.
  4. Online advertising is constantly evolving so is its demand. Therefore, Real-Time Bidding (RTB) can help to maximize the effectiveness of the company’s campaign and make sure that the company targets only the right customers.