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Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown


28th February, 2012


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45+ Million/Month


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About Snapchat App

Snapchat is an American Social Media Messaging App developed by Snap Inc, launched in September 2011. Former students of Stanford University ‘Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown’ founded it. It was created to focus on person to person photo sharing.

It soon gained a lot of popularity among users and then added more and more features to make the cool app be the best. Currently, Snapchat has around 229 million daily active users.

It is a mobile app for Android and iOS devices designed to share pictures, videos, messages. The media you send to other chats is available for only a short period before it becomes inaccessible. To encourage natural flow of interaction, this temporary nature of the app was initially designed. On an average, more than 4 billion snaps are sent every day.

About Snapchat Services

Snapchat is an exciting way to share everyday moments known as ‘snaps’ while simultaneously making them look awesome. In addition to sharing snaps with your friends, Snapchat offers more cool kinds of stuff such as playing games, news, viewing stories, entertainment, quizzes, and many photo and video editing tools

Snapchat is a new generation of the camera which allows the fantastic way of taking pictures or videos. Users can add filters, lenses, and other effects and share them with friends. Users can also create caricature-like Bitmoji, which are cartoon-like avatars of users.

All users need to use Snapchat to create an account with their name, email address, birth date and create a username for Snapchat. To share snaps with your friends, log in with your username and password, sync your phone contacts, and Ta-Da! You’re ready to use Snapchat!

You can also add someone by scanning the picture of their ‘Snapcode,’ which is a special and unique QR code allocated to every user by Snapchat. You can also add your Bitmoji as a Snapchat profile and customize your look. The sent snaps are available only for 24 hours after the receiver receives them.

About Snapchat Features

  1. Snapstreaks:If two users have snapped back and forth for two or more days, consequently, it forms a Snapstreak. To maintain the streak, users have to send the snaps daily to each other. Once the streak has been established, special emojis and statistics display next to the person and denotes how long have they maintained the streak.
  2.  Snap-map: It is used to display your real-time location on the virtual map created by Snapchat itself. You can also locate your friend’s current location using Snapmap. Only you need to provide location access to Snapmap. If you don’t want your location to be displayed as an icon on the Snapmap, you can turn it on the ghost mode.
  3.  Snapchat story: Snapchat allows you to share your moments in the form of a story that is displayed for 24 hours. Videos, photos, real-time updates, narrative contents, mini-documentaries event, game updates, etc. Users can also set the visibility of their story as friends, friends of friends, public. Stories that are public can be added to discover field and people across the world can view.
  4.  Core functionality:Snapchat provides a lot of features such as the private snaps can be directed to selected contacts; they can be set for a view of about a specific time duration.
    Without disturbing users’ privacy, it also notifies them if any of them chat replayed the snap or screenshotted it. Snapchat memories can also be stored in a personal storage area provided in Snapchat and your local storage.
  5.  Filters, Lenses, and stickers:You can customize your snaps on the go with the help of a large number of available filters and lenses. You can add stickers, Bitmojis, emojis, or even Gifs to your snaps to personalize them. You can use your friend stickers available on your Bitmojis if you’re sending the snap personally to your friend.
  6.  Chat:Along with sending snaps to your friends, you can message them from the chat section. The messages sent can be disappeared suddenly after the recipient opens them or 24 hours after viewing, depending upon the user’s choice.
    They can also save the chat messages only by just tapping on the message to keep it. You can also send voice notes. Users can do voice calls and video calls to their friends up to 16 persons at a time.
  7. Encryption: Snapchat has end to end encryption between senders and receiver for the snaps that are being sent. However, the company is planning to bring the end to end encryption for messaging in the future.

Benefits Of Using Snapchat

Along with offering personalized features, the best thing about Snapchat is the advantage to business and multimedia industry with the features such as,

  • Demographics
  • Communication
  • Monetization
  • Campaigning
  • Development
  • Snap originals
  • Information and ideas sharing
  • Shazam, a feature that can identify a song
  • Snap store
  • Snapcash

Business can be grown, and product monetization can be done quickly with ‘Snapkit.’ It is just a kit from Snapchat that helps you and your company reach an audience of 229 million people using Snapchat every day. You can use snap kit products every day to distribute the features for free around the platform. Users can use kits such as Creative kit, Login kit, Camera kit, Story kit, Bitmoji Kit, and Ad-kit to personalize and monetize your business.

Snapchat recently has introduced snap ‘Spectacles,’ a camera, just like the spectacles inspired by the human eye and powered by imagination. Spectacles have two cameras on both sides of our eyes, and they capture your world in 3D. It has a Quad Microphone array to capture the videos just within a single click on the go!

Hence, Snapchat believes that reinventing the camera represents their most significant feature to improve the way people communicate and live. Snapchat contribute to human progress by empowering people to express their feelings in front of the world.

Therefore, live in the moment, learn about the world and enjoy life in your fun zone with Snapchat! But use Snapchat efficiently and safely. Control your privacy from your end, explore the cool features provided by the company.