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5th July, 1998*


275+ Million/Month**


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About Sohu Company

Sohu is a China-based online media, search and game service company principally engaged in the provision of online products and services on personal computers (PCs) and mobile devices.

About Sohu Founder 

The founder of Sohu are Charles Zhang, one of China’s internet pioneers, in 1997. Currently, the CEO of Sohu is Charles Zhang.

About Sohu Headquarter & Subsidiary 

The headquarters of Sohu is in Beijing, China. The subsidiary of Sohu is Sogou who is an innovator in search and a leader in China’s Internet industry.

The term “Sohu” means “Search Fox” in Chinese and represents Sohu’s early history as a pioneer of online search in China. Sohu began as the country’s first online search company in 1997 and has continuously developed its in-house search technology to state at the forefront in this rapidly evolving sector.

About Sohu History 

Following is the list of all the achievements about Sohu which makes it one of the internet pioneer companies in China – 

1997 – Sohu’s predecessor “Aitexin Information Technology Co., Ltd.” was founded. 

1998 – Aitexin launched Sohu, China’s first large-scale classified query search engine, and the Sohu brand was born.

1999 – Sohu launched news and content channels, laying the embryonic form of a comprehensive portal website and ushering in the era of Chinese Internet portals.

2000 – Sohu was officially listed on NASDAQ, and developed from a well-known domestic company to an international brand. In the same year, Sohu acquired ChinaRen Alumni Record, a leading youth community in China.

2002 – Sohu achieved full profitability in the domestic Internet industry for the first time.

2005 – Sohu signed a contract to become an Internet content service sponsor for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

2009 – Internet content service sponsor for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. On April 2, 2009, Sohu’s subsidiary, Changyou, was successfully listed on Nasdaq in the United States, and Sohu became the first “Gemini” of a Chinese Internet company in Nasdaq. 

2013 – The number of users of Sohu News Client, a mobile Internet product of Sohu, exceeded 100 million, becoming the first news client in China with more than 100 million users.

2017 – Sogou, a subsidiary of Sohu, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

2020 – Sohu News Client reaches 700 million users. In April 2020, Changyou completed privatization and delisted from Nasdaq, becoming a private company directly or indirectly wholly owned by Sohu.

About Sohu Services 

Sohu is a well-known brand in China and the sponsor of Internet content services for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Sohu provides comprehensive network services to more than 700 million Internet and mobile Internet users in China.

As a mainstream media platform in China, Sohu is indispensable to the daily life of millions of Chinese, providing a network of web properties and community-based products that continuously offer a broad array of choices regarding information, entertainment, and communication to the vast Sohu users.

Sohu has built one of the most comprehensive matrices of Chinese language web properties, consisting of the leading online media destinations of Sohu News App, mobile news portal, PC portal, online video website, and online games. 

Sohu provides online brand advertising services as well as multiple news and information services on Sohu’s matrix of websites and also on its mobile platforms. 

About Sohu’s Changyou

Changyou is a leading developer and operator of online games in China, with a diverse portfolio of popular online games. Changyou has an advanced technology platform that includes advanced 2.5D and 3D graphics engines, a uniform game development platform, effective anti-cheating and anti-hacking technologies, proprietary cross-networking technology, and advanced data protection technology.

About Sohu News

Sohu News is a classic news reading application tailored for smartphone users which is produced by Sohu.com. It has a timing push function and it aggregates high-quality media resources.

At present, Sohu has initially realized the idea of “making the Internet an indispensable part of the lives of the Chinese people” established from the beginning of its establishment. In the process of the explosive growth of Chinese netizens, Sohu has always provided high-quality services to most Chinese netizens.

About Sohu Benefits 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Sohu – 

  1. Sohu has built one of the most comprehensive matrices of Chinese language web properties and proprietary search engines.
  2. Sohu provides online brand advertising services as well as multiple news and information services.
  3. Sohu also provides multiple news and information services on mobile platforms, including Sohu News App and mobile news portal.
  4. Sohu provides a network of community-based, web 2.0 products to millions of Chinese users daily.

This was all about Sohu; about Sohu services and its benefits which have made it one of the most visited websites in the world, especially China.


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