About Startpage

About Startpage




Robert E. G. Beens


11th October, 1997


Search Engine Website






60+ Million/Month


750+ Thousand USD

About Startpage Company

Startpage is a search engine platform that allows people to browse the Internet without any fear of tracking. Startpage is a Dutch company that Robert E. G. Beens founded in the year 1998 in the Netherlands. The headquarters of Startpage is in Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, The Hague, The Netherlands. Currently, the CEO of the company is Robert E. G. Beens.

The parent company of Startpage is Startpage BV. Startpage had received a significant amount of investment from Privacy One Group in October 2019. As of 2017, Startpage has reached two billion searches.

History About Startpage

Let’s unveil some history about Startpage – 

1998 – Initially, Startpage was launched as Ixquick by David Bodnick in 1998, which provided meta searches for 14 different web and directory search engines.

2000 – A Netherland-based company, Surfboard Holding BV, led by Roberts E. G.Beens acquired Ixquick.

2005 – On 23 March, Ixquick was relaunched with its new features, including a newly designed metasearch algorithm.

2009 – The company was renamed and again relaunched as Startpage, which shows results powered by the Google search engine.

2016 – Ixquick was merged into the Startpage search engine. 

2017 – The company reached its two billion searches.

2019 – Privacy One Group, which was owned by System 1, acquired a major stake in the company. 

2020 – Vivaldi announced that their browser had added Startpage as an optional search engine.

About Startpage Services

Search engines are the gatekeepers of the Internet: they help us find stuff. We trust them like our own closest friends, sharing our most private questions and thoughts with them. However, suppose people are not using private search engines. In that case, all the personal information about the person is logged into the digital profile that a Big Tech company is collecting on people.

Startpage is the world’s most private search engine and does not save or sell search history while delivering unprofiled Google results. The people at Startpage believe that anyone in the world has access to search the Internet through privacy and without any fear of tracking. Startpage makes online privacy regulation possible by blinding their internet searches and providing results based on the queries. Startpage is a safer way to browse and search online without personal data collection, tracking, or targeting. 

Startpage believes in 3 values – 

●      True Privacy – An uncompromising commitment to protect people’s personal data.

●      The Best Results – People want to find the best search results, so they choose to deliver good quality results.

●      Choice – Startpage never tells people what to do but instead provides the safest and easiest option to search and browse the Internet.

The mission of Startpage is to raise awareness of and, most importantly, protect people’s worldwide right to privacy. Startpage helps people who care about their privacy and refuse to be manipulated by algorithms or advertising to take control. Because online privacy is not just about peace of mind, it’s about having the power of the mind. Startpage delivers the most accurate search results and ensures that people will never be profiled or tracked by any search engine. Every search performed on Startpage is processed through their proprietary personal data protection technology. Furthermore, Startpage protects everyone with stringent Dutch and EU privacy laws (arguably the strongest in the world), including the GDPR.

About Startpage Benefits

Let’s read about Startpage’s benefits below – 

  1. Startpage says that it does not track people. It respects and guarantees the privacy of people.
  2. Startpage’s Anonymous View link makes it incredibly easy for users to visit websites while protecting people’s privacy.
  3. Startpage is a search engine just like Google but without any privacy headaches.
  4. Startpage also gives best-in-class results, just like Google search results.
  5. There are no third-party trackers or cookies like other search engines.
  6. Other search engines use people’s serve habits to serve results, but Startpage breaks through this filter bubble to provide a wider variety of search results.
  7. Startpage does not collect or share any of the information. There is literally no data about people on their servers.

This was all about Startpage, what is Startpage, its history, services, values, and benefits. So, if you also want to browse the Internet without having a fear of being tracked, you should definitely use Startpage.