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About Tripadvisor




Stephen Kaufer


23rd, March, 1999


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90+ Million/Month


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About Tripadvisor Company

Tripadvisor is an American online travel company founded in February 2000 and its Headquarter is situated in Needham, Massachusetts, United States. It serves worldwide for all travel-related information. Founder of Tripadvisor is Stephen Kaufer. It is one of the world’s largest platforms that help millions of travelers to plan their best trips.

It helps 463 million travelers each month for their trips. Travelers use the website and application to browse more than 859 million reviews, 8.6 million opinions to the places they visited. Whether planning a trip or on a trip already, Tripadvisor has been one of the trusted resources for taking travel-related decisions for the last 20 years.

About Tripadvisor Services

Tripadvisor, the ultimate travel companion, is home to opinions by millions of people regarding the restaurants, accommodations, airlines, cruises, and their best of experiences to the places they have visited or traveled across the globe. Even if you are planning a trip, turn to Tripadvisor for comparing prices of hotels, book popular tours, and reserve tables at popular restaurants.

Tripadvisor does not charge any kind of fees to the users browsing the site. The people or the partners of Tripadvisor who have visited the places, are required to fill in all the details of tours and travels packages, arrival taxes, accommodation fees, restaurant prices, and include all other fees as per their listings. The partners are airlines, travel providers, and booking agents who fill up the information with Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor calculates average prices for every hotel available in a particular place, based on the rates obtained from the booking agents. The lowest available per person adult price is displayed for the tours and other attractions. Hotels, restaurants, and airlines are all listed free of cost and users can select the best from them.

Users can write a review, post photos, videos, discuss on travel forums, receive alerts, add a place, also become an affiliate to the company. In order to get listed on the Tripadvisor platform, the contributors should fulfill the specific criteria. To know more about Tripadvisor criteria, you can visit the official website.

Tripadvisor is a reliable and secure source for the community across the globe. In order to get your review published as quickly as possible, it is required to make sure it fulfills the criteria such as the review generated is for all, impartial, easy to read, relevant, recent, original text, respectful, and reflection of own experience.

There are some policy and criterion for ranking on Tripadvisor:

  1. For ‘Hotels and Restaurants’: Traveler ranking, best value, lowest prices, distance and availability, name, feature, popularity, ranking, friends first, relevance, classification, areas, and reviews of people are some of the criteria that should be met.
  2. For ‘Things to Do’: Traveller ranking, Online bookings, places of interest, relevance, popularity, lowest price, name, experiences, photos, user preferences, price, and bookings are the criteria.
  3. For ‘Vacation Rental Properties’: Default ranking, online bookings, price( Low to High/ High to Low), Traveller rating, Bedroom accommodation, Booked number, Reviews, and photos.
  4. For ‘Flights’: Price, Flyscore, Duration, Best Value, and time.

To post a review, users can share the impression of hotels they stay in, restaurants they eat in. They just need to create an account on Tripadvisor but just need to be honest with their reviews. It is because user reviews have been becoming one of the critical aspects of the travel research process. Reviews, once sent or published, cannot be edited. If users want to edit them, then they need to select ‘Delete mu review’ from the drop-down list and follow the instructions given. Otherwise, users need to contact the Tripadvisor team or write them using email for any further assistance.

As and when the partner contributes to Tripadvisor, each review and information goes through the Tripadvisor online automated system, which collects for each information, the answer to questions such as how, what, where, and when. If the system detects no problem or error, as per their publication criteria, no notice is published and the content or information is published securely.

When the system detects an error with the review or the content, it is marked as review and then the further manual review is done by the Tripadvisor team for specialists. They are responsible for maintaining the quality of the reviews on the site. They also might send the mail to the contributors to validate their opinion better before publishing it. Users can also report frauds and wrong information to Tripadvisor.

Benefits of Using Tripadvisor

The benefits about Tripadvisor are plenty. Let’s list a few of them in order to get familiar with it.

  • Recommendations to millions of travelers worldwide with 500 million reviews and still counting.
  • A great variety of travel and planning options by using search function and filters.
  • Largest travel community in the world.
  • Individuals are dedicated to helping tackle the strategic initiatives from all angles.
  • Insight of cultural and religious trends across the world.
  • Small discussion groups focused on a variety of topics and events happening in our community.
  • Trustworthy, easy to understand, and build connections.
  • Variety and clarity of content
  • A high variety of attractions and restaurants for every destination you plan for.
  • Easy to find and compare prices to make a booking.
  • Well reviewed businesses and customer feedback.
  • Photos, in-depth analysis of visitor places.
  • More engagement, more bookings, and hence better listings
  • Enables a variety of options to be voiced using Tripadvisor.
  • Hotel managers can even have an option to respond to views, good and bad.

Tripadvisor has been Empowering people, connecting communities for the last 21 years. They believe in the expertise, providing resources, build communities, and mobilizing people to tackle challenges people are facing. They also have explained how the engagement with Tripadvisor makes the perfect trip within your budget.

Tripadvisor is one of the travel opinion aggregators and a unique resource for independent travelers who are planning a dream trip. Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel website, that enables travelers to unleash the full potential of every trip to fulfill their dreams. They believe in championing the diverse experience, perspectives, and voices of employees, travelers, business partners, and peers. This helps everyone to think bigger, act fearless, improve without stopping, with remembering, ‘we are better together’!

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