About Trivago

About Trivago




Rolf Schromgens, Stephan Stubner, Peter Vinnemeier and Malte Siewert


18th February, 2004


Hotel Website






10+ Million/Month


190+ Thousand USD

About Trivago Company

Trivago is a metasearch engine that compares accommodation prices and offers provided by many different online booking sites. Trivago is a German company founded by Rolf Schromgens, Stephan Stubner, Peter Vinnemeier and Malte Siewert in 2005, Dusseldorf, Germany. Currently, the CEO of Trivago is Alex Hefer. The headquarters of the company is in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Trivago’s parent organization is Expedia Group, Expedia Lodging Partner Services Sarl, and Expedia Lodging Partner S.a.r.l. 

Trivago subsidiaries are Weekengo GmbH, GHG Ventures LLC, Trivago Hotel Relations GmbH, Stichting Trivago Warehousing, Tell Charlie B.V., Trivago Services US LLC, and Trivago Services B.V. 

According to reports, Trivago covers more than 2.5 million hotels and other types of accommodations across approximately 190 countries.

About Trivago Company History

Read about Trivago Company History below

2005 – The idea of Trivago was born as an opportunity in the hotel search space.

2006 – Trivago was founded and launched in Germany. Trivago received an investment of about €1 million from big-loaded investors.

2007 – Trivago was expanded to Italy, France, and Spain. The company again received an investment of $1.14 million from a British company.

2008 – Trivago made a huge profit of about $1,080 million.

2009 – The first TV campaign of Trivago was launched in Germany and Spain.

2010 – The official website trivago.com was launched. Trivago also sold a quarter of the company to Insights Ventures Partners.

2011 – Trivago was launched on all European platforms. 

2012 – Trivago took its first steps in the United States.

2013 – Trivago was launched in Asia. Also, Expedia acquired a 62% stake in Trivago through secondary purchase.

2014 – The company acquired a mobile app product and development company called Rheinfabrik.

2015 – The Company disclosed that it had earned a revenue of more than $500 Millions.

2016 – Trivago reached 1000 employees and also shifted their campus to Dusseldorf. The company was also publicly traded on NASDAQ.

2019 – The CEO Rolf Schromgens announced that he would step down from his position, and the former Chief Financial Officer Alex Hefer will take the position as next CEO.

2020 – Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s revenue fell by 95% compared to the previous year’s revenue.

About Trivago Services

Trivago has become one of the world’s leading online hotel search sites. Anyone can access Trivago’s fast and intuitive search, comparing over 5 million hotels and other types of accommodations, including over 1.8 units of alternative accommodations such as private apartments and vacation rentals Innova 190 countries. It allows users to search on their platform through mobile devices and desktops, offering a user-friendly interface resulting in a consistent user experience.

Trivago compares and displays different offers from many booking sites, and in return, those sites pay them a fee if a user clicks on their specific deals. Trivago does not collect any payments for people’s stay and is not liable for the services offered by the booking site and the accommodation provider. Trivago works with many booking sites worldwide, including travel agencies, independent hotel chains, and accommodation chains. Trivago has launched 3 new programs – Trivago Book & Go Trivago Weekend and Trivago Activities. Let us learn a bit more about Trivago programs.

Trivago Book & Go

Trivago Book & Go provides services by enabling people to select a room and facilitates the reservation between people and the selected booking site. Trivago Book & Go promote offers for accommodation in cooperation with selected partners who operate online booking sites. Trivago collects a fixed percentage fee from the selected partners from bookings that people make. Any hotel product or service booked and after booking support is provided only by selected partners of Trivago.

Trivago Weekend

Weekends are a great way to travel to destinations close enough to people for their quick getaways. The weekend page of Trivago offers an alternative route to book their ideal accommodations or browse the places for a quick trip.

Trivago Activities

Trivago activities offer access to tours, events, attractions, cruises, transfers, and other activities. Trivago collects a fixed percentage fee from these service providers for the bookings that people make. Trivago is not liable for any for the services offered by the provider of any destination travel product.

With millions of monthly visitors to their website and app, Trivago believes that they are a valuable marketing tool for new hotel chains or online travel agencies. To help them, Trivago has a range of marketing tools and services to help their business to grow, learn and be competitive in the online marketplace.

Benefits of Using Trivago

Read about Trivago Benefits below, which makes it one of the world’s largest online hotel search sites – 

  1. It allows people to discover hotels for great prices and find travel discounts, deals, and savings from hotels worldwide so that they can travel safely.
  2. People can compare hotel prices to find rooms near attractions and search while keeping their budgets in mind by setting a trip itinerary for that last-minute getaway.
  3. People can compare hotels and find rooms from hundreds of booking sites that are available around the globe.
  4. It allows people to save money on vacations and travel sites so that they can book their ideal hotel at their convenience.
  5. It allows people to search for hotels with the Trivago Rating Index, which gives online ratings of all the hotels available to feel confident while booking.

This was all about Trivago and its services that have made it what it is today. So, if you are also looking for the best hotel bookings, then you should probably use Trivago.