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Garrett Camp, Travis Kalanick


13th July, 1995


Travel & Taxi






50+ Million/Month

About Uber

An American multinational ride-hailing company Uber was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, in March 2009. Uber Technologies, Inc. that is usually known as Uber, was founded as well as headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.

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Uber, a multinational ride-hailing Technology Company, provides riding facilities as well as a micro-mobility procedure for its users with cars, electric scooters, and bikes.

Uber provides it’s ride-hailing services in 630 cities and 60 nations across the world. The subsidiaries of Uber are Uber Eats, Jump, deCarta, Otto, Careem, Mighty A.I., Inc., Uber International C.V., and more.

About Uber Services

Uber offers various products and services to its users and allows the riders and drivers to go wherever they want to go. Let’s discuss Uber Company’s products and services in detail.

  1. Uber transport

Uber ride-hailing app provides transportation services for its users. Uber app helps you to find a suitable ride whenever you need to visit any place.

You need to visit the Uber app and confirm your ride by providing details about your location. Uber’s riding services are available in more than 630 cities across the world.

Uber provides cashless and clear driving and riding through it’s Uber app. Driver or the rider don’t need to carry cash while traveling from one place to their destination place.

  1. Uber Eats

Uber provides home-delivery service for your favorite food orders from your favorite restaurants. Visit the Uber app or your favorite restaurant’s website and place an order for your favorite food and rest assured. You will get your food delivery at your doorsteps by nearby Uber delivery person.

You will get quality food delivery at your door.

  1. Uber Freight

Another service that helps the shippers to transport their goods is the Uber Freight app. Shippers need to visit the Uber Freight app for booking transport required for your load, and then Uber carriers will do the rest.

Uber Freight app provides upfront pricing for the client, that’s why carriers know how much you will pay him.

  1. Uber for Business

Uber for business will simplify your business. You can get your employee travel trips for your business. Uber will provide you with a satisfactory ground travel trip with automated billing and reporting for your business trips.

  1. Uber Elevate

Uber developed the Elevate service to bring urban air mobility access to the Uber platform. This Elevate service aims to overcome future air urban mobility barriers.

  1. Advanced Technologies Group

Uber Advanced Technologies Group provide Self-driving vehicle for the safe riding experience for its riders. This group is dedicated to providing a cost-effective and safe self-driving experience for the riders.

  1. Uber Health

Uber now developed partnerships with Healthcare institutes to provide flexible ride-schedule options for the patients and the healthcare members.

Uber allows healthcare professionals to provide a ride for their patients. The caregivers can use this service for their caregiving activities wherever they need.

  1. JUMP bikes and scooters

Uber provides electric JUMP scooters and bikes for its users in various cities. You can rent an electric JUMP scooter or bike through the Uber app.

Benefits of using Uber

Uber provides various products and services for its users that offers several benefits for the drivers as well as the riders. You can enjoy the below-stated benefits through Uber.

  • Ratings

Uber provides a rating system for both driver and rider. The driver required a minimum of 4.6 ratings out of 5 for every trip; otherwise, they will be deducted from the job.

Similarly, riders also need to achieve the required ratings from the drivers to get Uber services as a passenger.

  • Various service tires are available

Uber provides different service tires for its customers. UberX provides spaces for up to 4 riders, and Uber XL provides minivans or SUVs to offer services for the employee travels.

  • Minimum model year

Uber allows model year minimums for every vehicle under their services. Uber’s vehicles either a 2001 model or the newer version. 2010-models were selected to provide services for the 2018 service year.

  • Easy access to contact a vehicle

If you want to use Uber to provide driving services, then you need to install the Uber app and create an Uber Company account with attaching a credit card for charging. Provide your pickup location information, and then Uber handled the rest.

  • Easy divide fare

Uber allows the driver to split the fare if he shares the vehicle with a group of others. You can easily share your vehicle cost with others.

  • Uber provides affordable service.

Uber provides it’s riding services at a very affordable price. Uber will give you savings of 25% or up to 50% of your riding cost than the traditional taxi ride.

  • Free from the service cost

Uber does not charge any service cost from the drivers for their ride. No monthly service charge for the drivers is the most beneficial fact about Uber Company in contrast to other taxi companies.

The driver needs to have 3-years of driving experience in this field.

  • Safety of Uber Drivers

Uber provides electric bill payment methods for its users. Drivers do not need to carry cash while driving because Uber is cashless. Drivers can log in on to the Uber app as well as log out from it according to their preferable hours.

  • Uber increases the vehicles in each city.

Uber increases vehicle supply in each city. There are various rides/ vehicles available in each city. You can choose your ride from available vehicles option according to your needs.

Uber supplies cars for the outer neighborhood if needed.