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About Wikipedia




Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger


13th, January, 2001


Information Website






5+ Billion/Month


170+ Million USD

About Wikipedia Company

Wikipedia, an encyclopedia on the internet, where the knowledge resides within the webpages and development takes place with a great speed! Wikipedia was founded by  Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on January 13, 2001. It is an open collaborative online encyclopedia created by the volunteers of the wiki-based editing system.

As of January 2021, it is one of the 15th most ranked sites on the internet. Wikipedia is an American non-profit foundation funded completely using donations and is hosted by Wikimedia Foundation.

About Wikipedia Services

Wikipedia is an online open-content encyclopedia that can be contributed and edited by anyone. The content may include words, references and links, and other media. On Wikipedia, what is contributed is important rather than who contributes it. You just need to log on to Wikipedia to suggest edits to any article or provide new information. If you don’t log on, your IP address is visible publicly. But, if you log on, then instead of IP address, your username is displayed publicly. Wikipedia also keeps a track of the edited content, in case of any malicious activity or incorrect information is found.

Anyone on can access Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a bucket of knowledge that never overflows neither empties. It is an unlimited 24*7 knowledge and information resource where topics around the world and beyond the galaxy can be explored on Wikipedia. One of the exciting things about Wikipedia is that the content available on Wikipedia is Multilingual. Around 317 languages of the world are strengthening Wikipedia today.

On Wikipedia, each article and each user has an associated ‘talk’ page, which are the primary communication channels to discuss, coordinate and debate with other editors. The editors participate sincerely and carefully in the discussions. Users can correct the errors as well as a dispute over the facts provided by editors if they get wrong, in any case. Possible corrections are made by them and further discussed in contributor discussions.

Wikipedia operates on 3 principles,

  1. Defined parameters and limits of an encyclopedia
  2. To respect the Copyright laws
  3. Consider rules to be flexible for everyone

Wikipedia has a lot of information to offer. Random articles, Current events, About Wikipedia, and almost every single thing you search for. The English language content recently passed more than 6 million articles, 3.5 billion words along with an edit rate of 1.8 per second! All the articles provide in-depth information and facts from all over the universe.

Like other websites, such as Instagram, Twitter Facebook, etc it provides user-generated content, but without a single ad. Wikipedia main aim is to provide advertisement less freedom, connection, and collaboration to the users. It even does not trouble with the privacy policies, nor with the trolling environment. Hence, it becomes fully productive and more designed for the general good.

Along with being an encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a vast library, a community, an experiment, and just like a constitution. It is growing and improving day by day all with public support. The site is becoming cultural with the introduction of languages within. The editor’s passion and style reflect his culture, interest, and love for Wikipedia. Wikimedia has grown its network in its other projects too. These include Wikibooks, Meta-Wiki, Wikiquote, Wikivoyage, Wikinews, Wikispecies, Wiktionary, and Wikiversity.

Benefits Of Using Wikipedia

Let’s know about Wikipedia with the help of its advantages,

  • Completely free service on the internet. It provides access to millions of topics.
  • As compared to a normal encyclopedia where changes or updates take place once in a while, in Wikipedia, time to time updations take place, as and when information receives or updates.
  • To start any kind of research, Wikipedia is the best place, to begin with. It has all kinds of background and foreground information on any topic you search for, which will further help in the in-depth research.
  • Sources and information provided on Wikipedia are always cited.
  • It provides students a great opportunity to learn, review, research, and gain knowledge for their school projects. It improves their critical thinking skills and abilities.
  • Information on Wikipedia is always concise, reliable, and written efficiently so that every person can understand it properly. This makes Wikipedia a trusted resource for the last 20 years.
  • References can be found at the bottom of each article and hence provides us with exploring the unheard and creating possibilities.
  • Wikipedia is built wholely on 5 pillars:
  1. Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view
  2. Editors treat each other with respect and civility
  3. Wikipedia is an online and free encyclopedia
  4. Free content that anyone can use, edit or distribute
  5. No firm rules
  • Google itself is a user of Wikipedia’s information. Whatever we search in its search bar, the most trusted and first-ever result comes from Wikipedia itself.
  • More content visibility and increase in traffic with each passing day.
  • Each article can be downloaded in the form of pdf.
  • Content is available in over 317 languages across the world.
  • Text is dual-licensed under GFDL.


Wikipedia has currently more than 321,398 active users and over 93,703,105 registered users along with the support of 1145 administrators. Due to Wikipedia’s unique structure, reliability, and absence of commercial disturbances, Youtube and Facebook recently announced that they will provide links to Wikipedia for fake news detection or verification for a trusted one.

The mobile application of Wikipedia lets you save your favorite content offline with the ‘my lists’ option for further reading too. You can rename your lists and save the content across different languages. Wikipedia has support to all smartphone applications across Android devices such as mobiles, tablets, and iOS devices such as mobiles and iPads.

The goal of Wikipedia creators is to create the world’s largest encyclopedia ever in history, both in terms of length and breadth. They want to create a world where every person has equal access to education and knowledge free of cost, a world where every person can share his knowledge with others. To know more about Wikipedia you can visit its website or download the mobile app.