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About Wordpress




Matt Mullenweg


27th, March, 2003


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About WordPress

WordPress is an open-source and free content management system (CMS), released on 27, May 2003. It was founded by Developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

WordPress has 120K+ customers in 150+ countries of the world with three global support locations. They deliver expert help from experienced faculties all around the world to become a perfect guide to WordPress.

About WordPress Services

WordPress allows the users to build a website to meet their needs. Users can start a blog, online store, portfolio, business site, informational site, or any other thing that you can imagine about.

Users can create a free website and get access to a wide range of professional themes, storage up to 3GB, community support, and many more exciting features. But, creating a free website gives you the subdomain ‘blogname.WordPress.com’.

So, in order to own your individual website hosted by WordPress, you can have plans starting from just ₹160/month. They can be categorized as follows:

  1. Personal: used for personal purposes such as creating a blog, portfolio, etc. This plan starts from ₹160/month with 6 GB storage. You can avail benefits like a free domain for one year, remove ads, collect payments easily, and unlimited email support.
  2. Premium: This plan is suitable for freelancers. It starts at just ₹280/month with 13GB of storage. Along with the features of a personal plan, you can avail more benefits such as live chat support, earn ad revenues, premium themes, video uploads, and google analytics integration.
  3. Business: Plan best for small businesses. It starts at ₹640/month with 200GB of storage. You can access the features of both personal as well as premium pack and avail some more advantages such as plugin installation, functionality extension, advanced SEO tools, Automatic site backups, SFTP access as well as Database access.
  4. eCommerce: The best-suited plan for online stores. You can avail of this pack at ₹1152/month with 200GB of storage. Access to features of all three plans along with options such as you can accept the payments from around 60+ countries, integration with Top shipping carriers, and premium design options for online store.
  5. WP VIP: If you need the best of all solutions for your enterprise or large-scale websites, WordPress VIP is the best choice. WordPress VIP provides everything their users need to build and run best-in-class customer experiences at scale. The plan starts from $1700/month. But the package may vary based on a number of factors.

For customers, who require the highest level of service, WordPress offers premium plan support to them with a dedicated accounts team, access to the most experienced support staff via live chat option, call option, email option, or response time SLA.

WordPress constantly monitors its global servers and adjusts them as needed. So the users get strong uptime and backups even if sometimes the server goes down. It has a complete 24*7 customer care support that you can contact anytime if any problem occurs.

WordPress not only just answers the hosting questions, but they also help you completely with WordPress. When the user needs to do troubleshooting with some related task or option, WordPress, along with troubleshooting, works with you and your team to diagnose the issues and provide recommendations for optimization of their sites.

The well-trained team of WordPress is one of the best of all, as they provide users with rigorous training and continue learning to keep their skills sharper and excellent with each passing day. WordPress experts, act as an extension to your business and completely committed to your success.

Benefits of WordPress

Let’s know about some of the features about WordPress one by one.

  • Launch consultation: For its premium users, WordPress uses code compatibility tests to make the performance optimization. They provide a consultation before setting up the site. Daily recommendations are provided for a stress-free go live.
  • Automatic updates: When a news security or maintenance version of WordPress is launched or released, WordPress automatically updates the sites of their users in order to keep them protected and up to date.
  • Themes: Users may install and switch among a wide range of available themes for their site. These themes help you to change the functionality and make your site look cool amongst all. WordPress themes are classified into two categories mainly, free and premium. Users may also create or develop custom themes.
  • Simplicity: It makes users get online publishing your content quickly in the simplest of the steps. WordPress has been built to make simple things happen in the simplest and flexible ways. You can also insert media, posts, or pages to your site to make it look different.
  • Full Standards Compliance: It means every piece of WordPress-generated code is fully compatible with all the standards set by W3C. Your website will work in today’s browsers and maintain its consistency in the future too.
  • Plugins and Extensions: WordPress is a vast package packed with a lot of features for every user. There is a present plugin directory with hundreds and thousands of plugins in it. You can add social networking forums, widgets, complex galleries, calendars, spam protection, SEO, forms, and many more.
  • Language support: WordPress, available in more than 70+ languages across the earth. Although it is English by default, you can select the language of your choice later on and customize it accordingly.
  • Community: WordPress is one of the most popular CMS tools on the internet today. It has a vibrant and supportive vast community and contributors all around the world. For your single query, many of the experts are there to guide you to the right.
    You can also be among one of the contributors to making a better WordPress. You can answer questions on support forums, documentation, write about WordPress on your blog, etc.

Currently, 39% of the web is built wholely on WordPress only. Bloggers, businessmen, and more than 500 companies use WordPress than all other options.

Hence, WordPress motivates its users to ‘Grow Without Limits- The potential for a bigger and better site is built right in for a bigger and better audience’. So, begin your career with WordPress and step out of the world with confidence!