About Xfinity

About Xfinity




Ralph J. Roberts


23rd January, 2003


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150+ Million/Month


6.5+ Million USD

About Xfinity Company

Xfinity is a mass media and entertainment platform which offers TV and internet services. Xfinity was founded on 2nd April 1981 by Ralph J. Roberts in Tupelo, Mississippi as Comcast Cable, later in 2010, it was renamed Xfinity. Currently, Xfinity’s CEO is Dave Watson and its chairman is Brian L. Roberts, son of the founder, Ralph J. Roberts. According to some reports, it is said that Comcast is losing its subscribers as in the first quarter of 2021 Comcast had about 19.35 million paid TV subscribers as compared to 20.85 million paid TV subscribers in the corresponding quarter of 2020.

Comcast Corporation is the parent company of Xfinity. 

The headquarters of Xfinity is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Subsidiaries of Xfinity are Xfinity Mobile, Comcast Wholesale, Comcast Business, Effectv, and Xumo. 

While subsidiaries of Comcast are Xfinity, NBC, NBC Universal, Sky, Universal Pictures, NBC Sports Boston, Xfinity flex, Sky Italia, Universal Television, Sky Switzerland, and many more.

History of Xfinity

Read about Xfinity History below and find out the journey of Xfinity from its beginning when its know with name Comcast Cable to present days.

1960s – It all started in 1963 when Ralph Roberts purchased an American cable system which was a cable provider and started the subscription-based media service. By the year 1969, the company acquired many businesses and changed its name to Comcast, and moved to Pennsylvania.

1970s –  In 1972, Comcast went public and was actively traded in the stock market. In 1974, Comcast continued to expand and in the year 1977, they began offering HBO due to which there was a spike in subscribers.

1980s-  In 1984 Brian Roberts son of the founder was appointed as the vice president of the Comcast operations. A couple of years later, the subscriber base of Comcast doubled with the growth of 1.2 million cable subscribers.

1990s – in 1990 Brian Roberts was promoted as the President of the Comcast Corporation and he continued to acquire innovative business companies. Till the year 1998, Comcast’s growth increased by over 1.3 million cable subscribers.

2000s – The company made several technological advancements in the 2000s. In 2002, the company launched HD TV and high-speed internet. In 2004 and 2005, the company introduced digital voice and voicemail and in 2009, the company increased its internet speed to 50 Mbps along with high-speed wireless service.

2010s – Company introduced Xfinity, a new brand for their technological products. Xfinity expanded to TV streaming home security home streaming unmatched internet and mobile services. In 2011, Comcast formed NBCUniversal and increased its internet speed by 200 Mbps. In 2012, Comcast revealed its new logo similar to their new partner NBC.

About Xfinity Services

With Xfinity, Comcast delivers Dale’s best services in TV, mobile, internet, voice, and home management, all working together so that customers can have access to all the services anywhere and anytime.

Read about Xfinity Services below that makes it one of the best entertainment website in the world.

  1. Xfinity Internet – Xfinity Internet gives its customers access to the most important technologies in their lives. It gives ultrafast speeds and the best online experience to millions of customers. Advanced security is available to Xfinity internet customers.
  2. xF1 –  Xfinity xF1 lets its users manage their Wi-Fi networks. If a user is a new Xfinity customer then they will be able to access xf1 once their Xfinity gateway is activated. The users can create profiles to group devices by family members. In this, users can also set parental controls and bedtime for their kids; it also gives alerts whenever a new device is joined.
  3. Xfinity TV – Xfinity TV allows you to watch anytime anywhere. Users can watch all the on-demand movies and TV shows. Users can watch a movie the same day, they are released on the DVD and 28 days before it is released on Netflix.
  4. Xfinity Home – Xfinity home is a home security solution that includes professional monitoring with advanced technology. There are different types of equipment choices that a user can select, like touch screens, door and window sensors, motion detectors, cameras, etc.
  5. Xfinity Voice – Xfinity Voice is a digital phone service known as voice over internet protocol. It uses phone service two online and gives more call clarity and advanced features with proper internet connection. It also prevents unwanted spam calls.
  6. Xfinity Mobile – Xfinity mobile is available only to Xfinity customers. Users get unlimited 5G for $30 per month. It gives the user the most reliable network and secure Wi-Fi Hotspots nationwide.
  7. Xfinity Flex – Xfinity flex allows users to watch more than 10,000 movies and shows. It gives access to users over many apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus. Now flex comes with peacock, which lets you watch hundreds of movies, TV shows, serials, sports, news, and pop culture.

About Xfinity Benefits

Read about Xfinity benefits below and find out the reasons to use Xfinity over other websites.

  1. Due to the coronavirus emergency, Xfinity has started some internet essential programs in which they give 60 days free to the new customers. With the launch of this program around 8 million Americans subscribed to Xfinity and most importantly they were customers with disabilities.
  2. Xfinity assistance, a virtual assistant of Xfinity, helps the users with some common accessibility questions like how to use voice guidance or how to enable captions.
  3. Xfinity lets their customers negotiate with them only if they are their existing customers. The users just have to be firm on their demands and need to keep in their minds that Xfinity needs them more than the users need Xfinity.
  4. Users can make a payment in Xfinity in three modes that are by credit cards, debit cards, or by their bank accounts.