About Yahoo

About Yahoo




Jerry Yang and David Filo


18th, January, 1995


Search Engine Website






3+ Billion/Month


285+ Million USD

About Yahoo Company

Yahoo is an American internet portal and web services, provider. Yahoo was founded in January 1995, by Jerry Yang and David Filo, graduate students at Stanford University. It was incorporated on March 2, 1995. Its headquarter is situated in Sunnyvale, California, owned by Verizon Media.

Yahoo also comprises a search engine and a directory of the World Wide Web sites organized in a proper manner. Yahoo also provides users with online utilities, information, and access to the websites.

About Yahoo Services

Yahoo provides a Web portal, Search engine known as ‘Yahoo! Search‘ and related services including the Yahoo Directory, Mail, News, Finance, Groups, Answers, advertisements, online mapping, video sharing, fantasy sports ‌, and a social media website. The best way to access all the services provided by Yahoo is to visit the ‘Yahoo Everything‘ page. Let’s discuss about Yahoo Services briefly.

  • Yahoo Communication Services

    Internet communication services like Messenger and E-mail are provided by Yahoo. Its email service offers unlimited storage to the users. Just like Google, Yahoo provided products such as My Web, Yahoo Personals, Delicious, Flickr, Yahoo Buzz, and MyBlogLog along with the social media services.

  • Yahoo Advertising Services

    Yahoo Gemini provides all the advertising services. These include Sponsored search, Local advertising, Product directory. This led different companies and businesses to advertise their products on Yahoo. Yahoo has also launched its one more advertisement sales system, known as ‘Panama‘, which allows advertisers to bid for triggering their ads on their search page. After bidding, Yahoo verifies for the ad quality, services, click-through rates, bids, and many more factors in ranking ads. Hence, through Panama, Yahoo provided a better search, overall experience, and increased monetization. Other advertising services included AMP from Yahoo and some Microsoft-based services.

  • Yahoo! Search

    It is a rebadged version of the Bing Engine, by Microsoft which was Owned by Yahoo. Originally Yahoo search provided the user interface that sent queries to searchable page indexes on the directory of websites. Yahoo search is a web crawler-based system. Yahoo search engine provided its search interface in around 38 international markets and with a variety of languages available in it. Yahoo’s search engine homepage holds more attractions for users with interactive features about Yahoo such as news, sports, finance, weather, etc.

  • Yahoo News

    It is a news website by Yahoo, on which articles originally came from services such as Associated Press Reuters, Fox News, Al Jazeera, ABC News, USA Today, CNN news, and BBC news. Yahoo news gathers information from all around the world and is distributed along with genres such as National, Sports, Lifestyle, Videos, Finance, celebrity, Fake News, Yahoo Originals, Health, and Year in Review.

  • Yahoo Developer Services

    Yahoo is an open-source program office (OSPO) that helps developers at your company to use, contribute, and publish open-source projects. They love to work with engineers, embodying open-source principles in their work.

    Yahoo developer focus on areas such as:

  • Publication review and support.
  • License Compliance
  • Contribution Support
  • Strategy Review
  • Engineering challenges
  • Sprints and products
  • An open and collaborative environment
  • Yahoo Commerce Services

    Along with being a search engine, Yahoo offers services such as Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Autos, Yahoo Real Estate, and Yahoo Travel. This enables users to gather information and make transactions online on their purchases.

  • Yahoo Other Services

    Yahoo provides other services, which includes, Co-branded internet services, mobile services, Yahoo Next, Yahoo Boss, Yahoo Meme, Y! Connect, Yahoo accessibility, Yahoo Axis, Yahoo SearchMonkey, Finance, Movies, Safely, Search, Marketing, Style, Tech, Weather and Yahoo International. To know more about Yahoo’s other services, you can Visit the Yahoo main website.

Benefits Of Yahoo

For the last 27 years, Yahoo has been investing a lot of time and effort in creating a proper storage management system. To explore more about Yahoo, let’s list down its benefits,

  • With every yahoo store for business, you receive a dedicated domain name for yourself, along with the official email addresses. These email addresses can be accessed through Yahoo! Mail. With the Yahoo store, you can earn money, creating an online store.
  • Using Yahoo doesn’t require any extra or third-party software to be installed. You can just switch to Yahoo.com from your phone or desktop browsers and start browsing on the go!
  • You can mail like a pro, with Yahoo’s mail service, receive and send emails. Yahoo mail is 100 percent encrypted. Users have 1 TB of storage to hold emails, files, and many more you like.
  • You can sign up for Yahoo’s ad-free services by paying a nominal monthly fee for the same. Once subscribed for an ad-free version, Yahoo itself can never ever deactivate it.
  • Advanced communication method systems are one of the best features of Yahoo. Directly from your mailbox, you can message and chat with any of your contacts using inbuilt Yahoo Messenger. Voice chat and video chats are supported in Messenger so that you can connect with your friends and colleagues directly. Messenger also supports SMS and IM.
  • You can go Social using Yahoo. Tumblr and Flickr now belong to Yahoo. You can just sign up for Tumblr ID and create your own blog post and share it across the world.
  • You can participate in Yahoo’s massive answer pool by signing up with your Yahoo ID. When you have questions, find answers for them. When you have answers, find questions for it!
  • When you want to know or search for something exciting, just switch on to the Yahoo Search engine for your query and discover the answers. Like Google, Yahoo indexes the web pages on the Web search.
  • Yahoo provides the facility to link domains. It is an unsubstantiated web search by Yahoo, and hence provides information about the exact number of articles related to specific websites.


Dive yourself into the world of Yahoo to enjoy the vast number of benefits and services Yahoo offers to its users across the world. It aims to provide all the offerings and services thoroughly so that no opportunity is left unexplored.  It is all free of cost, and hence you yourself can become your own Boss!