About Yelp

About Yelp




Jeremy Stoppelman, Russel Simmons


12th December, 2003


Review Website






100+ Million/Month


3+ Million USD

About Yelp Company

Yelp is an American public company that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about businesses. Founders of Yelp are Jeremy Stoppelman, Russel Simmons. It was founded in July 2004, in San Francisco, California, United States. Yelp reservations are one more online reservation service that Yelp operates.

Yelp is just like an online directory where you can discover local businesses like restaurants, bars, cafes, spas, gas stations, plumbers, and many more home services.

About Yelp Services

Yelp helps people connect with a wide range of local businesses and services.’ This is a one-liner for defining Yelp. Yelp crowd sources the reviews of businesses. This helps customers in deciding where they want to spend their money and how efficiently they can spend it. Yelp has a variety of ratings and reviews of hundreds and millions of people. All the questions translate to filters in Yelp.


  1. About Yelp Restaurant Services: Users can order food at home as well as read the reviews of people for the restaurants they wish to visit for. It shows the availability of restaurants and taking orders nearby your area or the city. Gives the address and contact information of the restaurant in case of any query. You can filter the restaurants as per your requirement such as cities, distance, features, category, cuisine, etc.


  1. About Yelp Home Services: Every type of home service, its details, contact number of the person, consultations, reviews, ratings, area they serve, distance from your place, etc are excellently provided. Home Services such as contractors, electricians, home cleaners, HVAC, landscaping, locksmiths, plumbers, movers, and packers can be found here.


  1. About Yelp Auto Services: filters such as money criteria, features such as offering a deal, free wifi, open to all, etc, cities, and distance from your place are provided along with the ratings, user feedback, and address. You can even sort them as highest recommended, Highest Rated, or Most Reviewed.


  1. About Yelp Other Services: Details and reviews about general services such as Dry Cleaning, Hair Salons, Phone repairs, Gyms, Bars, Massage centers, Nightlife, and shopping are provided.


Users can even locate the places nearby using the Yelp map. You can search for the places, explore, zoom in, zoom out, locate distance and many more features can be accessed using Yelp map. Users can even write a review, attend popular events like fests, music, arts, official Yelp events, Visual arts, and many more. Browse events across your cities and enjoy the feast of events. Talks between other users and communities bring people closer. They can discuss various tracks such as food-related, shopping and products, sports, humor & offbeat, news & politics, entertainment, travel, site questions and updates, Yelper shout-outs, and many more.


Yelp also offers services for businesses such as signing up on Yelp, claiming business page, advertising on Yelp, Yelp for Restaurants, Table management tools, Business supports, and Yelp blog for business. Through Yelp for business, you can get your business discovered by millions of people. Then you are completely ready to buy, visit, hire and connect with new customers to grow your business. Yelp business helps businesses establish trust with potential customers. Businesses can manage their page for free or to stand out of the competition, they could upgrade and use Yell efficiently. They can even create Yelp ads for their business to reach out to more customers who are searching for a perfect business like yours.


Yelp has a strong social aspect and encourages users for writing reviews, ratings, posting photos, and experiences of the businesses they visit. Along with being a review directory, Yelp is also one of the social networking sites. People can post to the Recent activity by signing up on Yelp.


Writing reviews on Yelp is one of the simple tasks. You just need to search for the name of the business, for review from the Search bar. Then select the desired business and click on the write a review button. Then rate the businesses out of 5 stars. Then type in your review, upload the image if you want so. Post the review to make it stand within the Yelp world.

About Yelp Benefits

Let’s know about Yelp benefits,

  • Each year members are invited or self-nominated for the Yelp elite squad. Other members nominate reviewers. Reviews posted by users can also be reviewed further by others too. The popular reviews have the potential to get promoted to ‘Yelp Elite Status’.
  • Users can enjoy Yelp benefits in around 219 cities around the world.
  • Available in around 15 languages
  • Registration is optional. So you can keep yourself within the curtains
  • Around 142 million users per month.
  • Good choice for starting a 5-star career with meaningful opportunities.
  • Startups can engage in learning programs by Yelp and be part of a rich culture.
  • Newsroom support, for information and news related to Yelp, its community, people, businesses, and products.
  • Users can opt for email alerts.
  • Data is treated with respect and information is secure.
  • Exclusive events are there to welcome you always
  • You built a great network with other people.
  • Perspectives about Yelp are broadened as you start using it.
  • Writing reviews improve your interactive and writing skills.
  • Trustworthy reviews and creditable
  • Yelp advertisement is of great benefit to businesses.
  • Easy to find and reach to businesses sitting from home without waiting at outside shops and service offices.

Hence, yelp is a platform where you can hunt for any single thing you wish to. After hunting, you can enjoy its taste, which always proves to be the best! People across the world, who have access to use Yelp, found it to be one of the best tools for finding professionals and improving relations with people.

A single positive review from a person can just boost the credit points of businesses and hence more customers get automatically attracted towards businesses as a result. Yelp provides a free suite of tools for showcasing the talents of business professionals and getting them connected with the Yelp community. You can just visit the official site of Yelp to know and experience more about Yelp. Therefore, dear businesses and users, get yourselves connected with Yelp and let it become your partner in Help!