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Education means learning, education means knowledge, and education means experience! It will be useful to know the Top 10 Educational Websites of the World.

As the baby is born he learns at each and every phase. Starting from looking at the world with his perspective, until the last breath, every single person is learning one or the other thing every day. Education is the process of learning, acquisition of skills, values, experience, beliefs, habits, the way of living life. Each and every person has the right to education equally and he must be educated. It’s a need of time after all!

There are many methods of obtaining education such as direct classroom teaching, personalized learning, game-based learning, online learning, etc. The online learning system amongst all methods has facilitated learning right from our homes.

This system has been widely in use during the current scenario of covid-19. As we all know that although the world may have stopped, but the learning process should not stop! Hence, to continue the pace, online learning systems are preferred the most…

As lockdown started the demand for online education increased day by day and many educational sites started offering various courses. This online education completes relies on the internet for the use and the course material in the form of interactive live/recorded sessions along with the course material were provided.

Top 10 Educational Websites

Check Top 10 Educational Websites and know about their special features that make them the World’s Top Educational Websites:-

  1. EdX

    It is an American online course provider platform. This site was created by Harvard and MIT. It ranks at the topmost position among other educational sites. All university and other level courses are hosted by EdX. It is an open platform for all the aspirants who wish to learn and gain skills in their respective fields.

    EdX also researches learning-based systems. More than 2000 courses are available from 140 leading institutes worldwide. Multilingual courses can also be accessed through EdX. Most of the courses are offered free of cost and with some nominal fees if the student wishes to receive a verified certificate for the same.

  2. Coursera

    Founded by Stanford University’s computer science department, it offers massive open online courses, specializations, degrees, professional and master track courses. These global online learning platforms offer anywhere, anytime access to their materials to anyone.

    Across top universities, institutions, subject experts offer good quality courses. Its main goal is to activate the spirits within students as they can ‘Learn without limits’.

  3. Udemy

    It is one of the most popular online learning platforms across the world. It offers various courses from specialists in respective fields. You can also educate the world if you have relevant skills and interests in any field.

    Udemy has over 130000 courses and around 35 registered students from every corner of the world. You can develop your skills and achieve the goals from the wide exciting variety of courses available.

  4. Udacity

    The origin of the name of this company comes from the company’s desire to be ‘audacious for you, the student’. Courses available in Udacity are taught by expert instructors. Students can gain new skills from the extensive library of various courses. The certificate can be gained after paying nominal fees.

  5. LinkedIn Learning

    It offers video courses taught by subject experts in software, creative and business skills. It has 24/7 unlimited access to the courses. You can discover, select the right course for you, track your progress and earn respective skills. LinkedIn learning helps you in developing your business skills and showcase your talent in front of the world.

  6. Khan Academy

    An online study website with a goal to create a set of online tools that offer the best quality education to students. It has a wide range of practice exercises, along with mentor support for solving the doubts.

    The resources on the site are available online as well as on mobile app. Khan Academy offers in-depth knowledge videos from the experts and explanations mainly for maths, science, and computer programming.

  7. Academic Earth

    This website has created a dynamic array for learning. It offers a huge amount of free online courses and academic videos for the learners. The courses offered are hosted by the world’s top universities such as the University of Oxford, Michigan, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, etc.

    Academic Earth believes that everyone has the right to a world-class education. Knowing the problems of education in some parts of the world, it offers a wide variety of free access to courses along with the course material.

  8. MIT OpenCourseWare

    It is originally a web-based publication that offers various courses. It is open and available to the world. All level undergraduate and graduate-level courses are available for access to the registered users. Free lecture notes, videos, and exams are available. Videos are available online as well as offline.

  9. Open Culture

    Best education website that offers free online courses for fun. Videos for philosophy, literature, history, physics, etc are available widely. It has access to high-quality cultural and educational media. The resources can be accessed for lifetime once you register them.

  10. Alison

    Online learning site that offers certification on completing the entire course. It has over 14 million registered users, 2 million graduates, and around 1500 courses available for free access. If you wish to gain job specialization skills, you can completely rely on this site without worry.

Hence online learning is one of the modern and innovative techniques of education in today’s world. In this world full of competitors, we need to prepare ourselves to compete and face the strife. For that purpose, we should take most of the advantage of the resources available and prepare ourselves for facing new challenges and gaining industry-based experience. Learn, understand, practice and implement well the concepts learnt.

Utilize your time in proper manner and develop your skill. And give energy to your wings to fly nicely in the world and prove yourself. No doubt we can achieve our each and every target and tune well with anybody from footnotes to footloose and lighten a candle of successive life as ‘Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya.’

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